DSR Major Account Facility launched

DSR are pleased to be launching their new Major Account Facility for regional and national businesses who are looking to leverage the power of a national network of qualified and registered and CAA approved drone pilots to take care of all of their aerial imagery needs.

  • Aerial Photography & Videography

  • 2D & 3D Mapping

  • Thermal Image Capture

  • Imagery for CGI Projects

  • Long Term Time Lapse

  • Panoramic Views

  • Asset Maintenance and Inspection

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This new facility offers a single point of contact via a dedicated DSR Account Manager. In addition a ‘virtual’ administration layer from within DSR leverages the benefits of a single point of contact, administration and pilot deployment process while maintaining the power of a national network of accredited drone pilots.

Centralised administration and billing mean that the client can simply request the work via the DSR Major Account portal, setting the relevant job parameters and have DSR ensure this is translated into Drone pilot ‘language’ along with the supervision of the agreed service levels to ensure the client receives the desired results across their national location network with the minimum effort.

DSR members, as well as being qualified, registered and insured, have a wide range of equipment, permissions and skill sets across all areas of aerial photography and videography with specialists in building inspections and thermography.

So no mater what your aerial national imagery requirements DSR have your covered.

How Does it Work for Major Account Holders?

As you can imagine, creating exactly the right system to meet your precise business needs is a detailed and complex process but once the parameters have been agreed and tested, the system by which it operates is really quite simply from the national business’ perspective.

A business representative simply raises a job request through a private online portal and their dedicated contract manager at DSR will arrange for the work to be carried out by the nearest suitable DSR member according to the prearranged criteria.

The resulting images are then passed back to the contract manager to a report format as agreed – whether this be the provision of photographs, video footage or creation of a bespoke report.   It is a quick, efficient process leveraging the power of a pre-existing qualified pilot network with UK wide coverage.

  • Engineering & Construction

  • Property Development

  • Demolition & Deconstruction

  • Councils & Housing Associations

  • Property & Land Surveyors

  • Insurance

  • Hotels

  • Estate Agents

  • PR & Marketing Agencies

  • Infrastructure Assets

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If you have a need for aerial imagery of your assets across a national or regional network, then just get in touch with DSR to see how we can assist you.


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