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11 07, 2018

School Aerial Photography UK

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Aerial Photography for School in UK & Ireland Having photographs of schools and pupils from the air is becoming increasingly popular.A few years ago the cost of hiring a helicopter or light aircraft would’ve made it very expensive, but drone technology has changed all thatWatch the video - Learn more about it HERE Aerial photos of a school are a great keepsake for pupils and staff. They can be used in yearbooks and promotional materials. If a school has impressive grounds and sports facilities, photographs taken from the air are the best way of showcasing these. For an eve [...]

17 06, 2018

See Things Differently – Raise Your Schools Profile

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Drones love schools Some progressive, forward thinking schools in the UK are seeing the benefit of bringing in DSR Pilots, with their wealth of knowledge and specialist skills.Our network of professional, personable pilots are the best possible choice for bringing a curriculum to life. The extensive reach of drone tech is unsurpassed.Geography – drones regularly produce amazing maps, through incredibly clever techniques such as photogrammetry, structure from motion and other things that will spark interest in your learners.Mathematics & Physics – there is [...]

4 02, 2018

The largest selection of UK CAA approved drone operators

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The largest selection of Drone OperatorsWho is your local CAA approved Drone operator?Drones are helping businesses save time, money and operate safer in the workplace.Search our drone directory nowMore properties will be inspected in 2020.  More homes will be marketed using drones, acres of land will be mapped and surveyed.We’ll also see more drones pushing the creative boundaries on our TV screens.The benefits that drones are already bringing to UK businesses is staggering. Drone usage is expanding into new markets rapidly and the story has only just begun.Welcome to the lar [...]

10 03, 2017

Drones for Schools

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Hire Drones for SchoolsThis is DSR's latest initiative aimed at spreading the message of drone safety to the UK’s younger generations and perhaps the drone pilots of tomorrow.DSR is the UK’s leading drone hire website. We have nationwide coverage and some of the best drone pilots available for hire in the UK. All our members are CAA registered and fully insured professional working drone pilots. Our members are working on all manner of aerial imagery jobs in many sectors of the nation’s economy.Recognising that our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience of worki [...]

28 07, 2016

Drone Wedding advice

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The Best Drone Wedding adviceA drone is simply an unmanned aircraft. These image capturing aircraft can film and photograph a unique aerial perspective providing you with high quality cinematic footage and photos to treasure forever.  Increasingly drones are becoming a ‘must have’ to help capture the unforgettable moments at weddings.Why Hire a Drone?Drones can be a fantastic add on when organising your wedding photography and videography.  They can be used in a variety of ways including to film key moments of the day. These could include capturing a special moment [...]

21 07, 2016

Illegal Drone Operators

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So many Illegal Drone OperatorsDrone Safe Register (DSR) is on a mission to stamp out illegal drone operators who commercially fly their drones for financial gain without permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and without any insurance indemnity.  UK law stipulates that anybody flying a UAV for financial gain must have the necessary permissions from the CAA and public liability insurance.Having spoken to our members we are hearing a recurring theme.   Illegal drone pilots are operating in all parts of the country giving legal operators a bad name and taking b [...]

18 02, 2016

Drone Hire costs from the nation's No.1 Drone Hire Site

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Drone Safe Register is the safest directory for legal professional drone pilots. We check PfCO status (Permission for Commercial Operation) and ask for valid insurance from all members who join. Drone hire can start from as little as £150 for a basic clip up to £1- £2000 per day for top end cameras inc staff.As technology brings lighter UAV’s (drones) fitted with 4K camera’s and more and more operators becoming qualified, the cost of UAV hire is certainly failing.If you would like aerial photography prices on average can be from £150 – £500/£750 for a full day’s sh [...]

17 02, 2016

Join The Fastest Growing Website For Drone Hire

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Fastest Growing Website For Drone HireDrone Hire is becoming very popular within the UK but it is very important you don’t hire just anyone.  Drone Safe Register has a building directory of insured and CAA approved pilots ready to hire to take care of your aerial needs.Our very easy to use website now means you can easily search by location. Simply look at our digital map and enter a postcode.  DSR is committed to clear up the UK from illegal drone operators and is well on the way to educating 4 million targeted adults throughout 2016.Search for your Local Drone [...]

14 02, 2016

Nationwide Drone Hire Including Same Day Service

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Nationwide Drone HireDrone Safe Register was created to help people find and hire fully qualified, professional drone pilots who have permission to carry out aerial work by the CAA.  DSR felt a huge sense of responsibility in ensuring that businesses and the general public understand the importance of safety when it comes to employing the services of a drone company.When handled by professionals, drones are completely safe and provide fantastically unique angles to a wide range of events. However, flying drones illegally poses considerable risks to the public.Unfortunately, ther [...]

3 02, 2016

School Aerial Photography Offers For 2021

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Aerial Photography for Schools At this time of the year I’m sure many schools are looking for exciting ways to generate extra funds to be spent on new equipment for its pupils to enjoy. Summer fetes are a great option but let us tell you about another exciting way to raise valuable funds.You can book HEREThe picture in this post is of a school who hired one of our pilots to capture aerial images for a leaving present for a fellow teacher.  What you read next is what all schools should be doing.This school had 500 pupils and after the event they printed off 500 copies and [...]

27 12, 2015

Wedding Drone Hire The Year Of The Wedding Dronie

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Hiring a wedding drone is a unique way to capture your special day in style.2020 will see a massive increase of happy couples looking to hire a drone and it is very important that they have the peace of mind that comes from hiring a legal, safe and insured pilot.Drone Safe Register has a network of highly skilled and trained drone pilots to capture the images you require safely from the sky.Each of them has the necessary paperwork from the CAA and insurance that allow them to operate commercially.You can search for your nearest pilot by inputting your postcode to view a list of local [...]

27 12, 2015

Drone Safe Register Sneak Peak January Newsletter

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Drone Safe Register January NewsletterWelcome To Drone Safe Register…The UK’s most visited website for Drone Hire.    Since our launch in November 2015 we have been extensively promoting our members, 2016 will see even more events filmed by UAV’s than ever before. You will be found by joining DSR.  2016 is set to be a very exciting year for the industry.Industry pundits are applauding the reach and awareness that we have gained over the last eight weeks, and cannot understand how we can be covering our costs.  The simple truth is we are committed to our five [...]

13 03, 2017

Aerial Group Photos for Schools

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Hiring a drone company or pilot to capture an aerial group photo is new and very exciting.  Check out ‘All Saints’ stunning video from above in our drones for schools promo video. Drones For Schools This is Drone Safe’s latest initiative aimed at spreading the message of ‘Drone Safety’ to the UK’s younger generations and perhaps the drone pilots of tomorrow..#dronesforschools Posted by Drone Safe Register on Friday, 10 March 2017 Search for your Local Drone Pilot [...]

19 04, 2016

Drone Registration Program From DroneSafe

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Our Drone Registration ProgramLaunched today, 19th April 2016, Drone Safe Register is introducing a further facility for members, the option to register their Drones as part of DSR’s annual membership plan.You can Register HEREWe are proudly the first UK UAV organisation to launch this new and much needed aircraft registration program for our members.  There will be some similarities of the DSR register to the regulations introduced by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in the USA, earlier this year.  All Drone Safe Register pilots can now register their [...]

6 04, 2016

Find Drone Companies for Aerial Film Services

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Find Drone Companies for Aerial Film Services - NOW!Aerial filming carried out by Drone Safe Register approved members really is very easy to arrange.Firstly, all of our pilots are correctly insured and carry valid CAA permission for aerial work. We know this because DSR check all members documents before joining.  All of our approved pilots can be very easily found using our digital map and all DSR members are issued yearly pilot cards which they will carry to each job and can be easily verified.  We are proud to have some of the very best UAV drone pilots as mem [...]

11 02, 2016

Drone Hire Check List

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Drone Hire Check List Here’s a straight and simple check list that you can use as a guide when you are hiring a drone operator.  Of course our best advice would be to hire from the Drone Safe Register where safe and legal is guaranteed. Always check your drone pilot has a valid CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) certificate along with the appropriate valid insurance. There are a number of things that must be considered and or followed before carrying out aerial work. They should carry out a thorough site survey to ensure it is feasible to carry out the require [...]