Drone Safe Register is the safest directory for legal professional drone pilots. 

We check PfCO status (Permission for Commercial Operation) and ask for valid insurance from all members who join.

Drone hire can start from as little as £150 for a basic clip up to £1- £2000 per day for top end cameras inc staff.

As technology brings lighter UAV’s (drones) fitted with 4K camera’s and more and more operators becoming qualified, the cost of UAV hire is certainly failing.

If you would like aerial photography prices on average can be from £150 – £500/£750 for a full day’s shoot.  Aerial video also starts from £150 for a basic clip up to £500/£750 for a full days shoot.

We spoke to one of our members who confirmed he is happy to charge £175 for aerial property pictures, £275 for aerial video. Promo videos from £400 inc editing and £700 for a full days shoot inc camera operator.   

Drone hire prices will come down over the next few years as more operators offer services but please check with our operators that you are receiving a sensible quote for the work required.

Some operators will charge more so please check and ask for a quotation for the work required before booking.  If you are looking for drone footage that tracks a moving object, prices could be slightly more as the operator will also require a camera operator to attend.

Any editing of the above would be chargeable or included within the final price of the works required. If you are making a film or even selling a house? Drone clips are a complete must for 2016.

Our members have also provided many promotional videos and have filmed some amazing events over the past few years. If you are looking to hire a drone to capture your event? Please ensure you visit our website and search by venue postcode.

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