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17 12, 2018

Drones and Construction Projects

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Drones use in Construction ProjectsIn a recent study in the US, one of the biggest potential areas where drones are predicted to be deployed is in the construction industry and there’s no reason to think that the UK market will operate any differently.From Survey to ConstructionBefore any project starts, a land survey is an essential first step. Drones can accomplish this faster and more simply than a ground based team which is an immediate cost saving.  Add to this, the ability of a UAV to create a detailed map either in 2D or 3D and you already have a considerable advantage. [...]

18 11, 2022

5 Uses of Drones in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry has been one of the first sectors in the UK to embrace drone technology. UAVs, as they’re also known, are becoming a staple tool on construction sites. Industry experts predict that this trend will continue and that drones will play even greater roles in the building sector over the years ahead. They can increase efficiency, reduce costs, streamline communication and improve health and safety.Data plays a vital role in all modern industries, and this certainly applies to construction. A drone’s ability to capture vast amounts of data in minutes rather th [...]

29 01, 2024

Genuine Commercial Drone Pilots Deserve Better

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Previously, drone operators needed to have permission from the CAA for “commercial operations”. Now, using a drone for commercial purposes does not require any special permission.It's crucial to bring back the days when the CAA knew how many commercial operators the UK had, how many pilots were insured, and how many hours each operator was flying for, including accidents/incidents.Due to the changes in regulations, specifically The Unmanned Aircraft Regulation and changes to the Air Navigation Order, the CAA has massively reduced its control over commercial drone operators.& [...]