Drones use in Construction Projects

In a recent study in the US, one of the biggest potential areas where drones are predicted to be deployed is in the construction industry and there’s no reason to think that the UK market will operate any differently.

From Survey to Construction

Before any project starts, a land survey is an essential first step. Drones can accomplish this faster and more simply than a ground based team which is an immediate cost saving.  Add to this, the ability of a UAV to create a detailed map either in 2D or 3D and you already have a considerable advantage.  The design team can then fully visualise the landscape and check for hidden obstacles or opportunities without the expense of multiple site visits.

This data can be provided in a format compatible with modelling software creating a realistic digital terrain upon which to build.

During the construction phase of a project, regular monitoring is very important in ensuring standards and budgets are being met.  Drones can cover large areas providing a bird’s eye view in either photographic or video format. A second monitor can allow real time inspection on site by certified personnel and the resulting digital images or footage can be easily share with interested parties and investors wherever they may be.

Data accuracy is improved, records of construction are created for future reference and, if time is money, there are big savings to be made.

Drone Maintenance Inspections

The potential savings do not end when construction is complete.  Inspections are a vital part of ongoing property maintenance and also in adhering to building standards in some cases.  Aerial inspections can capture images for inspection faster than traditional methods and health and safety risks.

Targeted repair teams can be deployed with pinpoint accuracy for repairs and preventative maintenance or the building can quickly receive the ‘all clear’.

Building Uber’s HQ

One real life example of this is Truebeck Construction, the firm charged with building Uber’s 450,000 square foot headquarters, scheduled to open in 2020. It will nestle beside the new Golden State Warriors stadium and consist of two building, one each of 12 stories and the other of 7.    Their Senior VDC Manager Justin Porter is quoted in a recent article featured on 3dr.com

“We have a new logistics plan almost every day, and we want to be able to overlay these plans onto high-res, up-to-date drone maps.”

Construction and Drone Safe Register

UAVs, in the hands of qualified pilots, can accomplish so much survey and inspection work with speed and ease which makes drones and construction perfect partners.  The DSR national network of pilots are ready for projects of all sizes.  Just use the quote feature on this website so receive quotes from your local members.

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