Our Coronavirus Special Update

At Drone Safe Register we have been thinking about how we can respond and protect the interests of you our members and the whole drone industry overall. Up until recent events 2020 looked like it was going to be a great year for many as the industry was finally on the move.

For four years we’ve worked tirelessly to build and support our network, represent the drone industry as a force for good and find industry sectors to work with. Support from our members has been outstanding and this has enabled us to build our reputation as the UK’s largest drone network.

Difficult as it seems right now, we need to continue with that work and it’s critical that the spirit of cooperation and networking continues.

The UK Government is still working things out, but so far there are reassuring indications of support for small businesses. It will be in the interests of the economy to support your businesses in particular as we fuel the economy.

We also want to help the drone industry as a whole so we will be offering free stock accounts to all PfCO holders as well as Drone Safe Register members. Aerial Stock footage will have an important roll over the next few months and well into the summer.

Drone deployments may be very quiet for the next few months, but there will always be demand for good quality stock. As a reminder we now pay industry leading commissions of 70% on stock sales with the balance helping to fund Drone Safe Register.

This is a golden opportunity for pilots to build a portfolio of stock images and footage that can become a passive income for life in this down time.

As we adapt following the terrible outbreak, we will need to find new creative ways to use drones and adapt our businesses. One thing to consider is the potential to live stream video from DJI drones. There are opportunities to offer this as a service for businesses and we’ll be looking into this more over the coming months.

We will be encouraging new ideas from our member network and ask you all to be as active as possible in sharing thoughts, discussing ways to make money and sharing your success to inspire others.

We would also ask you to help us in return by visiting the Drone Safe Register website on a regular basis as this helps with our ranking on Google. Check and maintain your own profile page and visit those of other members. In January we added individual profiles for each member service, please ensure these are updated too.

Finally, for those of you who are working at the moment please take account of Government advice to protect yourselves and your families. If you show any signs of symptoms, please self-isolate.

To the whole community, keep safe.

Mark Boyt




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