Affordable Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Has Become More Affordable 

Aerial photography has become affordable over the past few years thanks to drone technology. It’s no longer necessary to hire a light aircraft or helicopter to capture images from the sky.

As well as being cheaper and easier to arrange, drones can capture images and video in ways that wouldn’t be possible with manned aircraft.

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Drones are now used for a wide range of commercial applications.

  • Surveying land for agriculture and construction projects. Data can be recorded and presented in a variety of formats. Use of satellites in surveying is a growth industry, but the costs means they are only really suitable for covering very large areas.

  • Thermal surveys. Drone cameras can be used to identify areas of buildings where heat is escaping. This is particularly valuable for energy assessment of roofs and to check insulation

  • Recording progress of construction projects. An experienced surveying aerial photographer can program a drone to automate the process of capturing every stage of a development. A drone can take pictures from the exact same point in the sky over a period of months

  • Structural surveys. Drones are a valuable tool for checking the condition of bridges and other large structures. They negate the need for people having to climb and access structures at the inspection stage

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  • Roof surveys. Roof inspections can be time consuming and dangerous, so drone are the perfect tool. They take minutes to collect data, and measurements are more accurate than traditional methods. New technology brings machine learning to the process eliminating margins of error

  • Aerial surveying for archaeology. If a planning application has archaeological requirements a surveying aerial photographer can advise on the best way of dealing with these. Drone technology is helping the discovery of previously unknown sites through aerial reconnaissance

The Drone Safe Register is the UK’s leading platform for hiring safe and legal drone operators.

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