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Many drone camera pilots start off as ground-based cameramen and invest in training and equipment to be able to offer aerial photography as an additional service. If you’re looking to hire a creative videographer, we can help.

Recording video is now easier than ever thanks to improvements in smartphones and digital cameras. These are great for capturing footage of things like family days out, but the quality is still limited.

A professional videographer is able to record high quality sound, offer expertise in lighting and edit video content to tell a story.

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The following are examples of services you may need to hire a creative videographer for.

  • Corporate videos and website content. It’s important to make the right impression if you plan to use video for marketing and advertising. Video content can set you apart from your competitors, but it has to be of a high standard. A Drone Safe Register videographer can offer a mix of ground and aerial footage to for a cinematic production.

  • Weddings and occasions. Would you trust a relative or keen amateur to video a one-off occasion like a wedding? And is it fair to put such responsibility on them? If you hire a videographer they have the equipment, experience and expertise to capture the day in the best way possible. A professional wedding videographer understands how to work with vicars, wedding planners, caterers and other parties to ensure things go as smoothly as possible. They also understand the importance of key moments, such as the cutting of the cake, and how best to capture them on film.

  • Corporate events and conferences. It’s a good idea to hire a videographer if you’re organising a corporate event such as sales conference. As well as being a permanent record of the event and a way for those who can’t attend in person to watch speeches and presentations, footage can be used in marketing and PR. Sound quality is particularly important for this type of video, and this is another reason to hire a professional.

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In the age of Netflix and access to video content on the move, people are used to watching good quality productions.

Trying to record something yourself on a mobile device is likely to lead to disappointing results and could damage your reputation if it’s a corporate video.

The filmmaking process is both an art and a test of technical skills, and hiring a videographer can help you bring your ideas to life and capture a special occasion in the best possible way.

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