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27 05, 2019

Hiring a Drone Pilot – What you Need to Know?

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Hiring a Drone Pilot – What you Need to Know?If you’re looking to hire a drone operator for the first time, it can feel a little confusing when you start to look into it. As you read through articles online, you will see a lot of use of specialist terminology and acronyms and also mention of forthcoming changes in the law that can leave you wondering whether a UAV is the right (and legal) solution for you. So, here are the guidelines on drone usage straight form the horse’s mouth as it were. Commercial Pilots Only Drone pilots are divided into two categories Commercial Operato [...]

23 07, 2018

Should I Hire a Drone?

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Drone technology has improved at a fantastic rate over the past couple of years. This means drone have become cheaper, safer and easier to fly, and it’s made an exciting new hobby available to all. A common question is should I hire a drone or buy one?If drone technology appeals to you, ask yourself what you would like to do with an unmanned aircraft. If you’re a keen photographer, drone aerial photography may be what attracts you. The thrill of racing drones around circuits may be more your kind of thing. Having a clear idea of what you plan to do with a drone will help you to c [...]

8 09, 2016

5 Reasons to Hire a Drone Operator

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Drones are revolutionising the way we do business.  The global drone industry is soaring!   From boosting crop productivity; from servicing offshore ships to aerial filming for TV/film, the commercial applications for drones are growing exponentially.  All sectors of industry are benefiting from the application of drone technology with the biggest commercial impacts being witnessed in agriculture, infrastructure, transport, security and media.Video marketing is a massive growing aspect of business.  Internet users just love to click play and find out more about a [...]

26 08, 2022

Top Tips For Hiring A Drone Operator

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If you ever find yourself needing to hire a commercial drone operator, the following tips will ensure you get the best outcome. The use of drones is becoming increasingly popular and operators with the right qualifications, skills and experience are in high demand. Some specialise in one industry or field of work, such as drone roof inspections, but others offer a range of services. [...]