Drones are revolutionising the way we do business. 

The global drone industry is soaring!  

From boosting crop productivity; from servicing offshore ships to aerial filming for TV/film, the commercial applications for drones are growing exponentially.  All sectors of industry are benefiting from the application of drone technology with the biggest commercial impacts being witnessed in agriculture, infrastructure, transport, security and media.

Video marketing is a massive growing aspect of business.  Internet users just love to click play and find out more about a company by watching a showreel or company video.  Combine aerial footage with conventionally shot footage and the creative capabilities can be amazing!  Aerial videos can create the ‘Wow’ factor like nothing else! Take a look at some of our member’s showreels and you’ll understand what we mean.

In little less than a decade drones have made the transition from novelty toys to indispensable business tools.  All around the world, drones equipped with cameras and sensors are providing companies with clearer more comprehensive views of their businesses.

So we know that the drone industry is growing but how does somebody who is looking to hire a drone operator ensure they are hiring a competent, safe and legal UAV operator?

Launched back in November 2015 Drone Safe Register (DSR) was created to provide a quick and simple way of locating and booking a safe and legal drone pilot. DSR is a marketed and fully searchable national directory listing the profiles of pre-checked commercial drone pilots.

All of our members have been verified as legal pilots and hold valid CAA permission.  Having  CAA permission is a legal requirement as stated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  Rogue drone pilots operating without CAA permission or insurance are committing a criminal offence.  Anybody who hires an illegal drone operator is taking a huge risk and could even find themselves in trouble with the law if their pilot causes an accident or damages property.

How does DSR work?

Anybody looking to hire a safe and legal drone operator can simply log onto DSR  and book a professional drone pilot.  The DSR homepage displays a sophisticated digital map which indicates the geographic location of our drone operator members.  Markers can be clicked which links to a summary profile of the member. Click on the ‘full profile button’ and it links to a more detailed profile of the members drone business including full contact details, a show reel link, reviews and a tab that shows that the member holds  CAA permission.  We even display the expiry dates of our members permissions so you can have complete confidence that you are hiring a safe and legal drone operator.   The public can then choose the drone pilot members they want to hire and make direct contact by phone or email.  It’s that simple!

Here are the top 5 reasons to use DSR when looking to hire a drone pilot:

  1. DSR Pilots are trained, qualified and CAA licensed – All of our member pilots are legal and proud.   All of our members have valid CAA permissions.  Remember it’s the law for commercial drone pilots to have IAA/CAA permission. Hiring an illegal drone operator without IAA/CAA permissions is both risky and dangerous. Legal commercial pilots don’t take risks that could injure the public and damage property.  Not only should the pilot be legal but the drone flight needs to be legal too.  Aerial footage showing illegal drone filming such as flying closer than 50 metres to the public/ a building or flying above crowds of people should not be used in promotional video because of the fact that is illegal.   Undoubtedly illegal footage being used in a video project will compromise the reputation of the company using it.

  2. DSR pilots are all Insured – another legal requirement for commercial drone operators is to hold valid commercial drone insurance. Again it is very risky to hire a drone pilot without insurance.  All of our DSR members have purchased insurance to cover them against the unforeseen.  DSR has checked all our members for valid insurance which covers for the drone operator for things like accidental damage caused to a property or injury to another person.

  3. DSR Pilots are Skilled and Proficient drone operators – All of our pilots have passed a practical flight assessment and have been tested to ensure they can fly competently. As part of the CAA assessment process ALL commercial drone pilots must demonstrate that they can fly safely and also prove that they can prepare for a flight safely.  To pass this test, pilots must demonstrate a sufficient understanding of aviation theory (airmanship, airspace, aviation law and good flying practice).  Booking a DSR pilot means you are hiring a professional drone pilot with the correct skills to do the job. We have some of the UK’s most skilled and proficient drone pilots listed on DSR.  DSR also lists its member pilot’s specialisms.  So if somebody is looking to hire a drone pilot for a particular reason we have specialist pilots available to hire.  Perhaps you require a drone pilot for a wedding?  Perhaps an aerial roof inspection?  Perhaps you require a drone to aerial film an event?  No matter what reason you require a drone, we have professional UAV pilots available with specialist flying skills and kit to cater for all types of aerial projects.

  4. Geographic Location of DSR Pilots – All of our member pilots can be located by place name or postcode.   The DSR directory is a nationwide database of trained and insured drone operators that are on hand to help you with your aerial project. DSR has a nationwide coverage.  No matter where you need a drone pilot in the UK,  DSR will connect you with the most local and very best available.  Hiring a local drone operator can reduce project costs including the travelling costs associated with getting to and from the location where the drone is required.  Hiring a local drone pilot via DSR also makes sense from a ‘local knowledge’ perspective.  Drone pilots local to the area often know the lay of the land and the possible nearby dangers such as restricted air space close to airports and helipads.

  5. DSR – Its FREE, Quick and Easy to search for a Legal drone pilot– We have made the process of hiring a safe and legal drone operator quick and easy. Anybody can log onto Drone Safe Register and search for a drone pilot for free.  Our mission is to promote our legal drone pilot members and to put an end to illegal operators flying without CAA permissions and insurance.

    Please support DSR by spreading the message that it is unacceptable to break the law and operate commercially without drone correct valid permissions.

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