WIND 1 from DJI

Could this be the new DJI motors all-weather drone?

Capable of flying in high winds and even rain?

Last weekend various media sources shared what they believe is DJI’s new drone, the ‘Wind 1’.  Fitted with 4 powerful DJI motors and twin batteries, power and flight time could be quite impressive.  If correct? This will have the same camera options as DJI’s Inspire and Matrices.  This new drone will be capable of flexible use for the exploding UAV market, this is a clearly a drone for industrial use.  Only time will tell if this is the new industrial drone from DJI but personally we feel the landing gear is too small and we have noticed DJI S900 fittings have been used for the drones landing arms.  No doubt this would easily tip over landing on a ‘windy’ and ‘rainy’ day. A valid point if the Dji Wind 1 is true to its word and this drone really is built for windy days.


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