Assessing the condition of a roof from the ground can be very difficult. Ladders, scaffolding and camera poles are the traditional methods, but each has its downsides and limitations. Inspecting the roof of a two-storey house is hard enough, but for larger properties, commercial buildings and blocks of flats the time, cost and health and safety factors present even greater challenges. Not surprisingly, roof maintenance with a drone has become very popular in recent years.

What can a drone show you compare to traditional methods?

Drone roof maintenance is generally a more efficient, cost-effective and safer method than having a tradesperson climb a ladder. A drone can be safely launched in seconds and capture high-definition images of every aspect of a roof in minutes. The aerial perspective enables a drone’s camera to identify loose and missing tiles, growth of moss, build-up of water in guttering and roof sagging. 

An experienced commercial drone operator will supply high-definition images of your roof to verify its condition. These can be shared with surveyors, roofers and other professionals for necessary repairs and maintenance to be identified and scoped. Having detailed evidence of the condition of a roof can be invaluable if you need to make an insurance claim after a storm. There can be no dispute about the condition prior to a severe weather event if you have detailed aerial photographs of your roof.

Drone roof inspections using thermal imaging cameras are an additional option. These are highly effective for identifying areas where water may be penetrating your home. They can are used to pinpoint heat loss so are recommended if you are looking to make a property more energy efficient.

Cost Compared to Traditional Methods

The cost of roof maintenance with a drone is significantly cheaper than traditional methods. If the need for repair work is identified you will still need to pay a tradesperson to carry out the work, but the initial and ongoing inspection cost is reduced. The fact you have high-resolution images of your roof also means the risk of being ripped-off by a rogue trader is reduced. You can clearly see the extent of damage and aren’t at the mercy of someone telling you your roof needs replacing!

Roof Maintenance with a Drone

Time compared to traditional methods

As well as cost savings, drone roof inspections are generally far quicker to arrange and carry out. Our instant quote facility has hundreds of experienced commercial operators standing by, and they can often be on site within twenty-four hours. A Drone Safe Register drone operator will carry out some desktop research before visiting a property to check it’s safe and legal to fly in the area, and make a health and safety assessment before actually launching. A garden or driveway are all that’s needed, and the drone can scan and record the roof’s condition in minutes. 

Why Having a Roof Inspection Is Important

A roof is a key part of the structure of a building, providing protection from the elements. Weather takes its toll over time - both in summer and winter. Heat can cause cracking and damage, high winds can dislodge and remove tiles, and freezing conditions can crack tiles and guttering. Carrying out regular roof inspection and maintenance can help avoid costly leaks and extend the life of a roof for many years. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to protecting your home, and drones can play an important role in this process.


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