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29 04, 2019

Drone Roof Survey Operator Directory

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National Drone Roof Survey & Inspection Service Roof surveys can be a crucial measure in saving you money in the long term by spotting potential problems early, whether you are inspecting a property you are planning on purchasing or one that you already own.However, traditional inspection methods such as scaffolding erection or hiring elevated platforms can seem to incur more expense and disruption than the benefit that they provide.  Luckily, a drone roof survey can provide a faster, cheaper and simpler solution to your roof inspection needs.visit our uk network of dro [...]

4 02, 2022

Drones For Aerial Roof Inspection

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Reasons to Use Drones in Surveys and ConstructionThere are many advantages to using a drone for aerial roof inspections. One of the most common reasons for an inspection is when a roof tile falls off of your house after a storm. In this case, a drone can capture detailed images to survey the extent of the damage and assess what work may be required. Hiring a scaffolder for a roof inspection can take weeks and is very expensive compared to the cost to hire a drone pilot.Another common problem for homeowners is a leaking roof. A drone can pinpoint the cause of the problem - for example [...]

3 10, 2022

Roof Maintenance with a Drone

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Assessing the condition of a roof from the ground can be very difficult. Ladders, scaffolding and camera poles are the traditional methods, but each has its downsides and limitations. Inspecting the roof of a two-storey house is hard enough, but for larger properties, commercial buildings and blocks of flats the time, cost and health and safety factors present even greater challenges. Not surprisingly, roof maintenance with a drone has become very popular in recent years. [...]