8 09, 2019

The results from our first DSR Pro Members survey have landed…

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DSR survey results are in! The results from our first DSR Pro Members survey have landed… We launched our first Drone Safe Register (DSR) Pro Members survey on Monday 3 September. Within the first 24 hours, we received over 200 responses with more members supplying valuable data leading up to the survey closing on Sunday at 6pm. If any members are reading this, please note the survey is now closed. This survey has given us some real positive feedback as well as areas to improve upon… We asked you what you get most out of being a member, what you need from your membership a [...]

8 09, 2019

The Future of drone Film Making

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Drone Film Making If you’re like us, you’ll be wondering what the future holds for drones.In a recent article we wrote about a few of the benefits of aerial filming, drone usage and we’ve also briefly touched on drone deliveries.We think is pertinent to discuss aerial filming with regard to its future and what this may look like for drone and drone flight.Originally, consumer drones were used by a few aerial filming and aerial photography enthusiasts. It all really started with drone hobbyists.Not overnight, but after a short period of (flight) time, these enthusiasts and drone [...]

5 09, 2019

Will Drone Deliveries Ever Take Off?

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Drone DeliveriesHome deliveries have skyrocketed in recent years. Fuelled by online shopping, the collapse of the high street and our increasingly busy lives, we now have everything from clothes to groceries delivered on a daily basis. A study by analysts Mintel claims that 49% of UK consumers did their grocery shopping online in 2018. But is there really a need for deliveries by drone, and what could this mean for the wider drone industry?The general public have a growing expectation that unmanned aircraft will be delivering their pizzas and weekly shopping in the near future. Drone [...]

3 09, 2019

Aerial Filming Experts For Hire

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Find Aerial Filming Experts For HireBrowse the UK's largest network of aerial filming experts, available for hire throughout the UK right now!Aerial filming services are available for hire right now from commercial pilots on our professional aerial pilot network, Drone Safe Register. Aerial drone video and film footage can be captured dynamically, allowing you to capture a unique angle and capture the attention of the audience. With aerial filming the possibilities are endless! Those difficult to film situations, tight spots or compact spaces you wanted to reach are now capturable t [...]

31 08, 2019

Is this really the time for new drone regulations?

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Is this really the time for new drone regulations?It’s taken some time, but the CAA’s current drone regulations are now becoming well known and understood. Of course, any drone pilot operating with a PfCO is already very familiar with the rules, but the Police, other authorities and general public have also become aware that they exist. A few years ago a call to the local Police that a drone was flying over crowds at the local beach may have received a confused and disappointing response, but there is strong evidence that enforcement action is now taking place. Current rules are [...]

29 08, 2019

Heathrow Pause – Heathrow Disruption

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As well as travel disruption, public perception of drones will be severely harmed. Questions are still outstanding and the debate continues about the Gatwick drone incident, but it looks as if something worse may be about to happen. Over a thousand flights were affected between 19th and 21st December due to reports of drone sightings at Gatwick. Over 140,000 travellers were delayed or had their flights cancelled. To this day we don’t know what the motives for the incident were, or even whether ‘malicious’ drones were actually involved. Holidaymakers and travellers at Heathrow [...]

29 07, 2019

Drone Scenarios – Common Questions

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Drone Scenarios – Common QuestionsIt might seem strange to talk about the limitation of UAVs on a website that specifically promotes them, but sometimes they are simply not the right tool for the job. Lets take a look at some assignments that our pilot members have reported being requested to complete and the reason why they were (or weren’t) possible Scenario 1 A client suspects that their neighbour is building illegally on their property but they can’t be sure as they can’t get a clear view from the ground. So they would like a drone to make a quick flight form their own pr [...]

26 07, 2019

CAA Drone Registration Count Down

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CAA Drone Registration Count DownIn 2018, the Government decided that there was a need for a drone registration scheme to be put in place.  As companion to this, a competency test pass would also be required in order to legally fly a drone in the UK.Register with us HEREThese requirements apply to all drone users, including leisure flyers and run in addition to the procedure that pilots must follow in order to obtain CAA Permission for Commercial Operation.The CAA launched an initial consultation process to gather ideas and opinions from all interested parties and this week has [...]

22 07, 2019

Drones and Search and Rescue

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Drones and Search and RescueDrones are really tailor made to assist search and rescue teams. They offer the ability to cover large areas in a fraction of the time of a ground based search, and over any type of terrain. The emergency services have already begun to leverage the power of having a cost-effective camera in the sky with many police forces across the UK and Ireland now having their own drone fleet.  Using UAVs to carry out searches for missing people and offenders is one obvious use but they are also being flown as part of risk assessment and planning projects, to gather a [...]

20 07, 2019

Drones and Police Use

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Drones and Police UseDrones are now far more commonly being used by Police Forces across the UK to assist them in their fight against crime. Although drones offer a cost-effective approach in many areas, they are not seen as a replacement for the National Police Air Service helicopters so we can expect to see them on duty for many years to come. However, the speed with which a drone can be deployed, and the cost savings means that UAV technology is starting to offer benefit in many areas. Wiltshire Police Drones Wiltshire Police cite the difference in cost and time to charge a batter [...]

15 07, 2019

Understanding EASA Drone Regulations – Categories and Classes – Part 2

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Understanding EASA Drone RegulationsCategories and Classes – Part 2 EASA regulations have been developed to allow free circulation of drones within Europe and apply clear and comprehensive safety standards to the field of unmanned aerial systems. They become applicable in the UK on July 1st 2020.  This blog series looks at separate aspects of the upcoming changes. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the new categories for drone operation and classes of drone. There will be three categories of drone operation and they relate to the level of risk involved in carrying out t [...]

13 07, 2019

Understanding EASA Drone Regulations – an Overview Part 1

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Understanding EASA Drone RegulationsAn Overview – Part 1 The early part of 2019 has seen the publication of a new a set of regulations regarding drone use in Europe. Initially proposed in the Summer of 2015, the aim is to standardise UAS regulations across Europe with a wider goal of promoting the growth of the European drone industry through this simplification across contracted States. However, the regulations themselves look anything but simple so we’re going to look at different aspects over the coming weeks and months to break it all down into more manageable chunks. You [...]

8 07, 2019

The CAA Innovation Hub

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The CAA's new Innovation HubThe CAA has been established for nearly half a century and has undoubtedly seen a huge amount of changes in that time, from increased demand to changes in airspace use.  With the rise in drone technology and the possibilities opened up by developments in artificial intelligence, this pace of change looks to be increasing.The next decade is likely to see radically different airspace usage. To this end, the CAA are meeting the challenge head on with the creation of their Innovation Hub.This is a dedicated workspace designed to enable innovators to bring [...]

6 07, 2019

Is a Drone Right for your Wedding?

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Is a Drone Right for you at your Wedding?You can book HEREThere is a long list of tasks that you are faced with if you’re planning your dream wedding, and now there is a new checkbox – should I hire a drone?Picture by – DroneCam Solutions Ltd Some photographers and videographers have added this serviced as part of their package, but many haven’t because of the expense of the equipment and the stringent regularity requirements to fly legally. A pilot flying for ‘commercial gain’ requires CAA Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) and a minimum of £700,000 [...]

1 07, 2019

National Drone Network – National Drone Solution Account Management

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Find Drone Solutions with National Account ManagementDrone Safe Register is the UK and Ireland’s largest professional National Drone Network. We offer a national network of qualified and legal drone pilots to meet all commercial aerial photography and filming requirements. Our national account management scheme is designed to leverage the power of this network and delivery a one-stop account management solution for commercial UAV pilot deployment. Where clients have a nationwide need for aerial photography, video or thermal imaging, working alongside Drone Safe Register means tha [...]

29 06, 2019

Drones for Schools Follow Up Since Launch

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Drones for Schools Follow Up Since LaunchAt the end of April 2019, Drone Safe Register launched its pioneering Drones for Schools educational programme. This free programme for key stage 2 children 7-11 years, is delivered by our professional DSR member pilots to schools in their local area.The material is currently aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils (aged 7 to 11 years) although future developments will see this age range expanded. We also have plans to take the programme out of the classroom and bring it to child groups such as beavers, cubs, scouts, guides, brownies as well as other chil [...]

24 06, 2019

Drone use in Construction Projects From Our National Drone Network

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Drone use in Construction ProjectsDrones have a number of very important ways in which they can contribute to the smooth and efficient progress of construction projects.  From tracking site progress to monitoring site safety, to keeping stakeholders informed and overseeing subcontractors, the use of UAVs can offer substantial benefits over traditional methods.Picture by  Stratus Imagery at www.stratusimagery.co.ukWith even relatively small construction projects offering complex logistical challenges, this ability to streamline and simplify has unsurprisingly led to this new [...]

21 06, 2019

When can you fly a drone at Gatwick Airport?

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You can’t fly a drone near an airport… or can you?The drone incursion at Gatwick Airport last December was clearly a reckless and deliberate act of sabotage, the consequences of which brought misery to the travelling public and burdened the airport and airlines alike with significant expense and logistic upheaval.  The cost to the UK has been put in excess of £50m. While the story moves off into distant memory, 6 months on from the incident, the aftermath has also left its mark on the fledgling commercial drone services industry, with many operators, particularly those [...]

20 06, 2019

An Amazing Professional Members Meeting at Gatwick Air Museum

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An Incredible Agenda at the DSR Professional Members MeetingJune 19th saw Drone Safe Register bringing together industry experts along with more than one hundred of its members at Gatwick Aviation Museum for a second business meeting, building on the success of the last meeting in September 2018 Photography by Nigel Bowles at John Connor Press Associates Ltd The venue, Gatwick Air Museum, lies meters away from the end of the runway at Gatwick Airport and was deliberately chosen on this occasion for that reason. There have been significant consequences to the commercial drone services [...]

17 06, 2019

The Rise in Film Tourism is Good for the Drone Industry

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Drone Industry and the Growth in Film TourismThe UK’s drone industry is not alone when it comes to fast growth.  Film and TV production in the UK is also experiencing a meteoric rise, reaching the highest levels ever recorded. The film industry in the UK is supported by a competitive tax credit regime and by a rising demand for high quality content form both traditional channels as well as the newer pay to view channels.  The popularity of Netflix and Amazon video (among other streaming services) means that the public’s appetite for new movies and TV dramas is almost unquenchab [...]