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The UK property market has been frozen since March, but if you’re thinking of a move why not book a drone property shoot to help sell your home?

The Coronavirus lockdown has affected all areas of the economy, with property sales being one of the hardest hit. Experts predict home sales could drop by a third in 2020. There is a campaign for a stamp duty holiday to jump-start the market and it will be in the Government’s interest to take steps to get property sales moving as the ripple effect will help other industries and sectors of the economy.

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The impact of the lockdown on property prices is as yet unknown. Many property experts are optimistic of recovery due the strength of the housing market pre-pandemic. Estate agents will need to adapt the way they operate to take account of social distancing measures, but that doesn’t mean the freeze will continue.

Greater use of video and other technology may become part of the house hunting process, and buyers may want to see more photographs and property details before a visit.

If you’re on the move and need to sell your home a drone property shoot can really help. The price may surprise you, and it’s a very worthwhile investment as it can help to sell a property more quickly and may get you a higher price. Why is that?

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Firstly, aerial images of most properties are far more attractive than traditional property photographs taken on the ground. An experienced drone property photographer will know the best angles and height to shoot from to show off your home to prospective buyers.

Gardens and outbuildings can be captured to show space and the complete environment as well as your home itself. If you property is in an attractive location – such as a rural area or near to a river or the coast – aerial shots really make a difference.

As well as making your home visually more appealing, drone property photographs can show a buyer the condition of your home.

High-definition images of the roof, chimney and other features not visible from the ground can give comfort that a property isn’t in need of majot repairs or renovation. A drone roof survey could help a surveyor or agent looking at the property and this can also help you to achieve the sale price you need.

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With Summer approaching and lockdown measures easing we could soon see more of a return to normal life.

This will include people wanting to move for all the usual reasons – to have space for a growing family, to find a home near to a new workplace or to retire in comfort. The property market will begin to move as a result, so now is the time to act if you’re planning to sell.

As well as taking care of those little DIY jobs and tidying up the garden to look its best, book a drone operator for a drone property shoot.

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