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Aerial footage adds a cinematic quality to a film or television production.

The opening sequences of blockbuster movies often feature shots of sweeping vistas to set the scene and create impact. 

The budgets of these movies run into millions of course, but you can create the same effect if you purchase UK aerial stock footage.

This is a great option for something like corporate video or website content.

Rather than commissioning a film production company to produce new footage, visit the Drone Safe Register aerial stock footage library below

Purchase UK Aerial Stock Footage

Production quality means they can be seamlessly edited

There are hundreds of stunning stock drone footage clips to choose from, and the production quality means they can be seamlessly edited into other video content.

There are many advantages to the option to purchase UK aerial stock footage, including the following.

  • – Reduced production costs. If you hire a drone pilot to produce aerial footage the costs can be significantly higher than downloading a stock clip. A simple job may involve one drone cameraman, but other production crew and ground support may be necessary in built-up areas or where complex shots are required. Flying a drone in some areas, such as parts of central London, can involve additional fees to authorities.

Stock footage, it’s available instantly!

  • – Reduced production time. If you purchase aerial stock footage it’s available instantly. The time involved in planning a shoot and finding and booking a drone camera operator is avoided. An operator will have to prepare a risk assessment, survey the location and wait for weather and lighting conditions to be right. Using aerial stock footage can save you weeks.

Promote your business.

  • – Creating a great impression. Videos are a great way to promote your business and tell a story. Video content on a website improves the search engine ranking and means visitors stay longer. Aerial stock footage has a real wow factor, and it can give you an edge over the competition.

Footage that may otherwise be impossible to produce.

  • – Access to video footage that may otherwise be impossible to produce. Professional drone camera operators often spend time producing aerial stock footage in between other projects and assignments. This can involve going out to capture sunrises and sunsets, covering unique events and capturing aerial footage of places where flying legally is very difficult. For example, commissioning drone filming over London landmarks may not be necessary if you access aerial stock footage.

hire a drone company for a bespoke project

As the country’s largest drone operator network Drone Safe Register is building an extensive library of ready to purchase UK aerial stock footage. This gives filmmakers, production companies and web designers access to hundreds of drone video clips for instant download.

Stock footage also gives filmmakers access to many difficult shots that they may not be able to shoot.

One such example is an aerial shot of a faraway country or a place. As most filmmakers will not have the capacity to hire a helicopter or a plane to film aerial shots, using drone stock footage can add great value and heighten production quality. 


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