Drone Camera Systems are typically located underneath the aircraft

Some have a built-in camera and gimbal fitted as standard, but others allow cameras to be attached as an additional payload. The latter are very high-spec cameras for film and television production work, or more specialist equipment such as thermal imaging technology.

Another option that can be useful is a top mounted drone camera

For most drone photography and inspection work, a camera fitted underneath the aircraft is perfectly adequate. Powerful zoom lenses fitted to drone cameras allow images and footage to be captured from a safe distance.

Top mounted drone cameras are rare, but they allow cinematographers to record shots that would otherwise be impossible. They are also very useful for inspecting bridges and structures where the drone needs to access from below.

Hire a top mounted drone for inspection

Civil engineering is one of the fields where drone technology has really been embraced

As well as saving time and money, using drones reduces the risk to human life and many of the issues relating to health and safety. Working at height equipment is expensive to buy and requires skill and expertise to use correctly.

Using top mounted drone cameras for bridge inspections is an ideal alternative. Being able to fly close to the structure of a bridge and take photographs and footage from beneath makes a drone an invaluable tool.

A surveyor or other expert can stand beside the drone pilot and give instructions as to specific parts of the structure to check. Photographs can be analysed later to identify wear and structural damage

The UK is behind some other countries when it comes to deploying drone technology, but we’re catching up. Severn Trent Water made savings in excess of £750,000 after introducing a drone team into their operation.

Field crews are smaller and more efficient, and the data captured can be analysed by experts back in the office. Once an organisation experiences the advantages of drone technology it soon becomes part of strategy and day to day operations.

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