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19 02, 2020

UK Drone Law Changes 2020 – New Dawn or Disaster?

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2020 Changes in UK Drone Law It all seemed so simple in the ‘good old days’ of drone flying in the UK.We are crowdfunding! You can Check out the pitch hereSpecial offer – A2CofC training for just £129If you wanted to use a drone for business or to make money with it in some way you had to obtain a ‘PfCO’ from the CAA. The rules may have felt restrictive to some, but at least they were simple to understand and actually worked quite well.As July 2020 looms closer, (Now delayed due to Coronavirus) UK drone laws are about to change. At Drone Safe Register™ we recognise that [...]

20 07, 2019

Drones and Police Use

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Drones and Police UseDrones are now far more commonly being used by Police Forces across the UK to assist them in their fight against crime. Although drones offer a cost-effective approach in many areas, they are not seen as a replacement for the National Police Air Service helicopters so we can expect to see them on duty for many years to come. However, the speed with which a drone can be deployed, and the cost savings means that UAV technology is starting to offer benefit in many areas. Wiltshire Police Drones Wiltshire Police cite the difference in cost and time to charge a batter [...]

2 02, 2019

What To Do If There's a Drone Flying Over your House

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Drone Flying Over your HouseSo many people are enjoying flying drones as a hobby now, along with those using them commercially, that they are an increasingly common sight in our skies.However, negative press coverage, especially around the Christmas time Gatwick incident, means that people can be feeling very suspicious if they see one over or around their property.Our 5 useful links are below.Learn about Drone Rules and Regulations Report drone miss-use to the CAAWho is your local legal drone operator? How much do drones cost? About Drone Safe RegisterWhile this is un [...]

31 12, 2017

Business user warning – Hiring a drone operator in 2020

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Business user WARNINGHiring a drone operator in 2020This year, undoubtedly, we will see even more drones taking to the UK’s skies than ever.Drones are helping businesses save time, money and operate safer in the workplace…More properties will be inspected; more houses will be aerial photographed; more land will be mapped and surveyed.  We’ll see more drones pushing the creative boundaries on our TV screens.The benefits that drones are already bringing to the UK’s economy are staggering.   Drone usage is expanding into new markets rapidly.  And the story ha [...]

12 12, 2015

Watch Japan's Police Drone Catch a Quadcopter

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Tokyo Police launched their anti drone catcher squad, a team designed to enforce new rules banning drones from urban areas. To stop reckless pilots with drones, they have developed a big net-wielding drone of their own.  It is built to catch the offending craft in the act by trapping it within a net and gently bringing it down to the ground.  Here’s some footage of it being tested to catch a ‘rogue drone’. [...]

22 03, 2021

Drone Safe Register™ Welcomes Increased Enforcement Surrounding Drone Crime

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The new campaign has been announced for the UK following a record high of 336 drone-related crimes within the last 5 months. ‘Operation Foreverwing’ comes shortly after the introduction of new drone laws in the UK (brought in at the beginning of January, imposed by EASA) which has seen an increase in the confusion surrounding the safe and legal use of drones.The new campaign will see an increase of dedicated teams across the UK that will be tasked with enforcing the fines and confiscations of drones if individuals are not sticking to the rules. The campaign will also seek to [...]