Drone Safe Register™ Welcomes Increased Enforcement Surrounding Drone Crime

The Home Office has confirmed that the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and the NPCC (National Police Chiefs’ Council) are joining forces to act on drone crime.

The new campaign has been announced for the UK following a record high of 336 drone-related crimes within the last 5 months. 

‘Operation Foreverwing’ comes shortly after the introduction of new drone laws in the UK (brought in at the beginning of January, imposed by EASA) which has seen an increase in the confusion surrounding the safe and legal use of drones.

The new campaign will see an increase of dedicated teams across the UK that will be tasked with enforcing the fines and confiscations of drones if individuals are not sticking to the rules. The campaign will also seek to encourage further education regarding the laws of drone flying while reminding the public of the consequences of not following the rules. 

This is welcome news to our nationwide network of CAA approved trained, safe and insured commercial drone operators. 

It is worth noting that the majority of drone operators do follow the appropriate measures as set out by the CAA to ensure the safety of all involved in, and in the surrounding areas of drone operations. 

At Drone Safe Register™ we believe that education is key to ensuring that the reputation of the industry we work hard to represent is held to the highest of standards. 

Mark Boyt, CEO and Founder of Drone Safe Register™ confirms: 

“This is wonderful news for the hundreds of commercial operators that we represent that do the job properly and follow the correct procedures to ensure the reputation of the industry is upheld” 

“Last year we launched our Drone Safe Store, which is still young, however, in recent months we have noticed an increased contact from a number of people purchasing from big-name retailers that have not offered the appropriate advice and/or support regarding the relevant permissions for safe and legal drone operations. We offer a free telephone consultation to ensure that all individuals purchasing from us are aware of the relevant permissions needed to operate safely”

We hope that the introduction of Operation Foreverwing will enable our network of skilled and experienced operators to continue delivering their services in a safe and legal manner, all while improving the reputation of this limitless industry. 


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