It is no secret that the drone industry is predominantly made up of male drone enthusiasts. Studies suggest that a mere 5% of the drone industry is made up of women. But how can we move to diversify this industry? We have taken a look back at our interview with Psyona Williams, one of our female members and highlighted some of the many reasons we feel it is important to encourage diversity among this rapidly expanding industry.

Drone Safe Register™ works closely with a number of talented people and companies that aid us in delivering exceptional service to both our members and our member’s customers. Several people that make up the teams we work with are extremely talented women. We are trying to diversify the industry and so by recognising the gender gap and offering a voice to our female ambassadors, all the while encouraging a welcoming atmosphere, we are hoping to encourage a number of women to join this exciting, ever-expanding industry of drone enthusiasts. 

Game control style toys and gadgets have nearly always been aimed at predominantly male demographics, so it is no shock that there is an evident reinforcing of gender stereotypes with increased male uptake surrounding the evolution of drone technology. There are a number of challenges in breaking these long-standing conventions to build a balanced workforce. With this being said, there are many successes women are finding in the industry. 

We talked to Psyona Williams, a member of Drone Safe Register™ since 2018.

Psyona Williams, a keen Landscape Photographer from Oxford, was first introduced to drone technology at The Photography Show in Birmingham.

After graduating in 2018 from Oxford Brookes University with a Film Studies Degree, Psyona endeavoured to pursue a career in photography with a particular interest in Landscape Photography. Discovering the world of drones meant that Psyona was able to reassess her career opportunities, obtaining her CAA Certificate and PfCO, she now finds herself completing a number of jobs from the sky on a daily basis.

Closing the gender gap at Drone Safe Register is an important step in our progressive diversity. Psyona confirms that she believes there is a huge amount of interest in the Aviation Industry from all genders, however, she confirms that lack of training and trialling opportunities leave people hesitant to explore the drone industry because of the many associated initial costs. 

With the current options available to those considering joining or learning more about the industry requiring a large amount of initial investment, this is sadly not a financially viable option for everyone interested. 

Drone Safe Register™ have some exciting plans in 2021 for events and training provisions… make sure you’re following us for updates!

Psyona is keen to share her passion for her profession with other passionate women and men in the aviation industry and continues to be a much-valued member of Drone Safe Register™. 

The Future of the Industry

Diversity is hugely important for all industries but we believe that the Drone Industry has some huge strides to make in order to make drone technology a more accessible option for all genders to explore as career and hobby opportunities. 

While the numbers of women involved in the industry are still low, there are definitely opportunities for women in drones.

In order to encourage opportunities for diversity beyond the workforce and beyond the limitations of financial elements associated with the industry, we feel that the industry will need to be introduced to all genders at a younger age as an aspect of STEM education.

Wendy Erikson, presenter of Women and Drones (podcast available on Spotify and Apple Music) said: “Through more exposure and education, engagement and recruitment, we hope to see progress continue when it comes to narrowing the gender gap in the drone industry.”

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we would love to see more female operators joining us at Drone Safe Register™, which is why we are offering a £50 discount on our Gold Certified and Advanced (A2 CofC) memberships AND £10 off a hobbyist membership to all newly registered female members for the rest of this week. 

We are working hard to encourage diversity within the industry and endeavour to be an inclusive space for all that share a passion for drones. 

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Drone Safe Registers expanding network of female drone pilots we would love to hear from you! Contact our team by email - [email protected] or by telephone on 01243 882440.


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