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The UK drone industry is growing at a rapid pace and UAVs are becoming an increasingly common sight in our skies.

While there are many positive aspects to this new industry, it does seem as though negative drone-related news is far more widely reported in today’s media.

The truth of the matter is that, when operated by a professional pilot who has permission from the CAA to undertake aerial work, UAVs offer a huge range of filming and photography benefits to businesses and the general public. Here are just a few:

  • Unique angles on events

  • Cost effective when compared to traditional manned aerial solutions

  • Non-destructive inspection method

  • Convenient

  • Safe when used in the right hands

A Brand New Industry

Unfortunately, there are significant problems with illegal operators here in the UK and Ireland which can pose a significant risk both to the safety of the general public as well as to this brand new industry itself.  So we established Drone Safe Register.  Membership of this organisation will only be available to pilots who have achieved the relevant CAA qualifications in order to be able to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes in the UK.

DSR has three main goals:

  1. To educate people on the importance of using legal, fully qualified drone operators

  2. To provide a platform for full qualified drone pilots to store their details and be found by people looking for professionals within a specific area of the UK

  3. To provide businesses and the general public with a quick and easy solution to finding a fully qualified drone pilot who holds a CAA permission for aerial work (PfCO)

If you’re looking to hire a drone operator for any aerial work then you can rely on our member pilots to be operating legally and safely – we check this before we allow them to become members.  Under UK law, this means that they need to be qualified, have CAA approval and hold current insurance.  If you hire an operator working when they don’t meet these requirements, and something goes wrong, you will be as responsible as they are for any damage caused.

If you are a qualified drone pilot with permission from the CAA to carry out aerial work, then we encourage you to become a DSR member. By doing so, you’ll join the ranks of other Top UAV professionals who are serious about their industry, the work that they carry out and the associated legal responsibilities.

We’re passionate about this fast-growing industry that we’re a part of, and are hugely excited about the amazing potentials it holds.

We are DSR. We are proudly professional.  

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