What increased enforcement surrounding illegal drone flights means for you

We understand that finding a drone operator can be a difficult process. As the drone industry continues to establish its benefits as an option to those that may not have even considered the advanced aerial perspectives for inspections, marketing and surveillance before, there is still a long way to go for aerial options to become a first-thought.

When looking for an operator to complete your aerial requests, it is imperative that you understand the necessary commercial permissions a drone operator must hold to ensure that the process of aerial data retrieval complies with the law. 

It is thought that due to increased confusion surrounding the permissions required to operate a drone for commercial purposes, the UK has seen a rise in the number of reported drone crimes (330+ in 5 months). 

To fly a drone for commercial purposes, you must have insurance and the appropriate qualification relevant to the weight of the drone. The drone should additionally be registered with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), following their DroneCode (All drones regardless of weight should be registered with the CAA if they have a camera). 

At Drone Safe Register™, we are doing everything to provide our community of Drone Enthusiasts and Professional Pilots with the right tools, to ensure their practices are never called into question by the police as part of ‘Operation Everwing’. 

Drone Safe Register™ provides a platform for quick and easy booking of aerial data retrieval requests, to be completed by our nationwide network of verified, trained, safe and insured drone operators. 

Simplifying the process of hiring a drone operator that is skilled, experienced and holds all of the relevant qualifications to complete the job safely and legally is just one of the reasons we are the UK’s leading aerial data provider. 

We undertake a number of promotional campaigns and offer a number of services in our memberships that encourage and ensure the maintenance of our trained, safe and insured standards, such as:

All of our members undergo a process of permission/authority verification before the activation of their account

We list a number of CAA approved training providers to increase awareness of safety regulations and flying standards

We have partnered with the industry-leading UK insurers, Coverdone

We provide Flight Hazard tools to our members through our partners Altitude Angel

We provide a fully comprehensive UAS Map that is accessible to everyone via our new website

We run Education Campaigns across our social media platforms and host a number of educational tools on our website

We offer free telephone consultations to those that purchase drones through our Drone Safe Store to ensure the safe and legal use of UAVs

The increased enforcement surrounding drone crime comes after over 330 incidents were reported to the police and the CAA within 5 months. 

With lighter, more reasonably priced drones becoming more easily available and the introduction of new permissions for the flying of drones under 250g, it comes as no surprise that the rules and regulations have been misinterpreted by some that see drones as toys and not highly advanced pieces of technology that are revolutionising the aerial data capture process.

The fines applied by this increased enforcement can be up to £1,000, or the individual can face confiscation of their Drone on-site. 

Hiring a drone pilot that is acting illegally to obtain aerial data for commercial use is not a risk worth taking and most likely the costs incurred if something goes wrong and the pilot is not insured will cost upwards of hundreds of pounds. 

Use our easy instant quote system, online booking portal or aerial stock library for your aerial requests and you can relax knowing it is being handled by some of the best in the business. 


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