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17 04, 2019


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Drone Safety At Your Event As spring approaches and the UK’s weather improves soon we’ll be seeing more drones taking to the skies than ever before.Drone season is nearly upon us and this year DSR predicts that in 2019 we shall see more drones being flown at events than ever before.  This is great news as the nation’s businesses embrace drone technology.  There is nothing wrong with this at all, as long as the pilots flying drones at events are legal commercial pilots.Under the UK’s aviation law, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) states that anybody who is flying a [...]

26 02, 2017

Drone Hire Made Easy

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Easy Drone HireDSR is the UK’s largest drone hire and specialist camera services website. We proudly market the nation’s top drone professionals who are all Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified and insured to carry out commercial drone work.Each week DSR publishes a weekly news blog to keep our members and the wider drone community up to date with industry related news. We aim to keep both professional and drone hobby readers informed with the UK’s latest drone news, laws and regulations.  We hope that our blogs inform both hobby and professional drone users.  We [...]

5 02, 2017


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In little less than three years the number of professional drone pilots with CAA permissions has grown significantly. This new wave of qualified pilots (who simply didn’t exist five years ago) is leading the way in which drones can be used to save time and improve efficiency.With more and more businesses and sectors realising the benefits of drones, 2017 is expected to see more drone hire than ever.  DSR discusses some of the UK’s sectors that are embracing drones:Film / TVWe are not using it as a drone. That is completely the wrong terminology to use to describe it. We see [...]

22 12, 2016


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Where to register my Drone?Yesterday, the Department for Transport released new plans to ensure safe drone practise and to protect the public.  Measures released for consultation include (21 December 2016)Mandatory Registration of new dronesTougher penalties for illegal flying near no-fly zones and new signs for no-fly zones at sensitive sites such as airports and prisonsMaking drones electronically identifiable so the owner’s details can be passed to police if they are spotted breaking the lawThe consultation will also consider whether there is a need for a new criminal offen [...]

24 11, 2016


By |November 24th, 2016|Categories: News |Tags: |Comments Off on DRONE SAFE & THE CAA PROMOTE DRONE SAFETY

We are delighted to report that today, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and NATS have launched a new website to help promote drone safety called Drone Safe.The new Drone Safe ‘Dronecode’ website has advice for users on how to operate UAV’s safely and has been set up following a spate of near-misses with planes which we keep seeing within the UK news headlines.These included an incident in July,when an Airbus A320 had a “very near-miss” with a drone near the Shard in central London. One reported stated that, The pilot, who was approaching Heathrow with 165 passengers on board [...]

29 03, 2021

Can you be fined if you hire an illegal drone pilot for commercial drone work?

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We understand that finding a drone operator can be a difficult process. As the drone industry continues to establish its benefits as an option to those that may not have even considered the advanced aerial perspectives for inspections, marketing and surveillance before, there is still a long way to go for aerial options to become a first-thought.When looking for an operator to complete your aerial requests, it is imperative that you understand the necessary commercial permissions a drone operator must hold to ensure that the process of aerial data retrieval complies with the law.&nbs [...]

1 05, 2021

Drone Operators Are At Risk This Summer - Where Can I Legally Fly a Drone in The UK?

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The CAA and NPCC have joined forces with the Home Office and the Department for Transport to act on drone crime, launching ‘Operation Foreverwing’ on the 22nd of March following a huge 330+ reports of drone misuse in just 5 months. The rise in drone crime comes at a time in which lines have been blurred in the industry following new regulations (brought in on the 31st December 2020) reflecting a more risk-based approach. As enforcement within the Open Category lies with the police, this is likely to stretch their resources.Drone technology is growing increasingly popular amo [...]

7 05, 2021

The Legalities of Drone Ownership

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Drones are fun – everyone knows that! But there are some important things you need to be aware of before you take to the sky in your fabulous new drone. Whether you are a simple hobbyist or a seasoned professional here are some top tips to ensure you stay safe and legal when you take off.  [...]