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2 04, 2018

Drones for events

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Drones will appear at more events than ever this summer But it is very important you know the rules before allowing a drone pilot to film an event. In the UK anyone using a drone for paid work must have approval from the CAA and hold correct insurance. All qualified drone operators are issued with a yearly PFCO (permission for commercial operation) by the CAA.All qualified pilots must attend ground school, complete an operations manual and be flight tested before the CAA will issue the pilot or company permission.As an example, No drones can be flown within 150m of 1000 or more [...]

13 06, 2022

Why are drones being used at events?

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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was a great showcase of how drones can be used at events. We’ve become used to seeing stunning aerial shots seamlessly edited between ground-based filming, but it wouldn’t be possible without drone technology. Helicopters were used in the past, but the cost and practicalities mean drones are far easier to use. Safety is key of course, particularly when aircraft are flown near large crowds, but an experienced, qualified drone event operator there are no real concerns.The spectacular ending to the Jubliee concert involved 400 drones lighting up the sk [...]