The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was a great showcase of how drones can be used at events. We’ve become used to seeing stunning aerial shots seamlessly edited between ground-based filming, but it wouldn’t be possible without drone technology. Helicopters were used in the past, but the cost and practicalities mean drones are far easier to use. Safety is key of course, particularly when aircraft are flown near large crowds, but an experienced, qualified drone event operator there are no real concerns.

The spectacular ending to the Jubliee concert involved 400 drones lighting up the sky. These aircraft use location sensors and geofencing to enable them to coordinate perfectly and paint pictures in the air. A stamp, a teapot and a corgi were some of the examples. Drone displays like this are replacing fireworks and can produce far more impressive and complex routines.

Drone technology is also being used at Formula One events. First Person View (FPV) drone pilots use their incredible skills to produce immersive footage that gets the viewer closer to the action than has ever been possible.

Filming at these major events is very expensive of course, but booking a drone for an event can be affordable. Weddings, concerts and sporting events are just a few examples where a drone can capture aerial images and footage.

Why are drones being used at events?

The unique perspective a drone can record makes a huge difference, allowing us to see things in new ways. In past events, photographers had to fight through crowds and carry step ladders to see overheads! A drone can be manoeuvred to the perfect vantage point with ease. The cost and logistics of hiring a helicopter are way beyond the means of most people looking to record an event. A drone operator can be hired from just a few hundred pounds (Depending on requirements).

The quality of the images and video from modern drones is stunning. The rapid pace of improvement in every aspect of drone technology means they can record stunning 4K videos and huge data files for digital photographs. The demands of professional photographers and filmmakers using drones means the lenses can rival many digital cameras.

Why would you want a drone at your event?

Events like the Jubilee have highlighted the value of drones for events. Organisations like the BBC can hire the best operators and equipment of course, but the quality from most professional operators is of a similar standard. And it isn’t just high-profile events that benefit from drone recording. Park runs, triathlons and other local sporting events can benefit from a professional drone event video. Music festivals and outdoor concerts are a great subject for aerial photography, and drones for weddings are becoming very popular.

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Why are drones being used at events?

How much does it cost to hire a drone operator?

Filming for a televised event like the Jubilee can involve a team of drone operators and support crew, but for local events and weddings the cost is affordable. Most drone operators will quote a half or full day depending on how long they need to be at the event. For a marketing video there may be additional costs for editing the drone footage and turning it into a professional production.


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