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1 07, 2018

Flying Drones Near Wildfires

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Flying Drones Near Wildfires!With the exceptionally hot and dry weather this last week in the UK, the pressure is on the fire service to keep everyone safe – wildfires are popping up across the British Isles.We would urge drone pilots not to make it unsafe for the men and women of our emergency services to work by flying drones anywhere nearby. There are reports appearing of irresponsible pilots taking their drones out for an impromptu flight above wildfires across of the UK.Doing this is extremely dangerous, and doing so puts lives of helicopter response crew and fi [...]

26 06, 2018

The Future for Professional Drones Operators

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Professional drones are part of the technology revolution changing the world around us. Drones are often regarded as toys, but they have been adopted by a range of industries and are becoming valuable tools.Examples of professional drones include the Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2. The Phantom 4 is a fantastic tool for aerial photography, with an onboard camera packed with state of the art technology. It has a longer range than previous models in the DJI Phantom range, and improved sensors for collision avoidance. The Inspire 2 is the drone of choice for television and movie produce [...]

26 06, 2018

Drone Hire in Middlesex

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Middlesex Drone HireCAA approved drone pilots are increasingly in demand, and this trend is predicted to continue for years to come. Drone hire in Middlesex and other regions of the UK may struggle to meet the needs of industry as this exciting new technology becomes part of everyday life.The drone revolution is still in it’s early stages, and it’s hard to predict where it will lead. Artificial intelligence, ground based robots, drone swarms and the so called ‘Internet of Things’ are all part of an exciting future. Drone hire in Middlesex can already deliver advanced data cap [...]

26 06, 2018

Why Hire a Drone Pilot – Aren’t They Just Toys?

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It’s true that drones can be great fun to flyBut they are far from toys. Experts predict that they will have a major impact on the economies of the developed world over the next twenty years, and drones will become part of everyday life.Drones will also bring radical changes to developing countries like Nigeria, helping to build infrastructure and deliver access to the connected world.Hurricane Maria in Puerta Rico in 2017 was one of the turning points in the drone revolution. Around five million people living in mainland USA were unable to contact their loved ones following violen [...]

8 06, 2018

Drone Hire in Leicestershire

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Leicestershire Drone HireDrone hire in Leicestershire is predicted to rise rapidly over the next decade as unmanned aircraft technology is embraced by industry. Many people still regard drones as toys, but they offer proven benefits in everything from agriculture to construction.Drone hire in Leicestershire will be particular popular because of the region’s economy and industry.Examples include –Leicestershire has a long history of livestock breeding, and drone technology offers many benefits in this industry. Being able to view farmland from an aerial perspective helps to improv [...]

8 06, 2018

Drone Laws in UK – Confusion Reigns!

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UK Drone LawsThe tide is gradually turning with regards to public perception of drones, but drone laws in the UK are still a cause of great confusion.Press reports of near-misses with aircraft and of drones being used to smuggle drugs into prisons and spy on people have fuelled fear and confusion. Like others around the world, the UK’s government is playing catch-up with drone technology.It’s true to say that there are a very small minority of people who blatantly break drone laws in the UK and put the public at risk. However, the majority of drone owners are law abiding cit [...]

31 05, 2018

New Drone Laws to Improve Safety

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Drone Laws to Improve SafetyFollowing an announcement in May 2018, new drone laws are on the way in the UK. There is a lot of confusion in the UK around the ownership and use of drones, and the announcement of new drone laws coincides with a report by PWC predicting massive growth in their use.A commonly asked question is do I need a drone licence? The answer to this will remain no after the new laws are introduced, but owners of drones weighing more than 250g will have to register their aircraft. The idea behind this is to encourage greater responsibility, and it will also make it e [...]

31 05, 2018

Drone Hire in Kent

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Drone Hire in Kent explained It’s a little known fact but the first British flight took place in Kent.Way back in 1909 John Moore Brabazon made the first officially recognised aeroplane flight on the Isle of Sheppey and was granted the UK’s first pilot licence.I wonder what he would have made of drones that are becoming a common sight in the sky above Kent!Drone hire in Kent is becoming very popular as more and more industries and businesses are embracing the technology.There’s still some public perception that drones are toys and can be a menace, but this is gradually changing [...]

31 05, 2018

Drone Hire Opportunities to Create Over 600,000 Jobs

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Over 600,000 to be Created in Drone Hire Opportunities A report published by accountants PWC in May 2018 predicts an explosion in the drone industry over the next decade. The story was picked up by the BBC and The Guardian, and it’s a great step forward in changing public perception of drones as ‘toys’ and a dangerous nuisance.The report states that increased use of drones in sectors from energy to construction will lift GDP by some 2%. This is fantastic news for CAA approved drone pilots and anyone thinking about careers in the drone industry. Over 600,000 new jobs will result [...]

30 05, 2018

Drone Law needs to be Enforced!

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Will litigation against illegal operators in the UK increase or will it continue to appear sidelined by the Police?  The CAA have officially laid the responsibility of enforcing the new rules at the door of the UK’s Police forces. Essential information to take away from the statements released today: New laws now in force [30th May 2018] Below 400ft No closer than 1000m from airports New laws coming into force [30th November 2019] All aircraft over 250grams in weight must be registered Pilots of these aircraft must undertake online tests £5- £10 per UAV (Estimated) [...]

25 05, 2018

Registered Drone Hire Pilot

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Registered Drone Pilot Hire explained Drones do not have to be registered in the UK at the moment, but the government has announced plans to change this. The timetable and details are yet to be confirmed, but it’s believed drone registration will only apply to aircraft weighing more than 250g.You do have to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out commercial work at the moment, and this can cause confusion. It also means that if you need to hire a drone pilot you should check that he has the necessary CAA approval. An approved drone pilot operates to a strict proced [...]

25 05, 2018

Instant Drone Hire Quote

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Free Instant Drone Hire QuoteDrones are being used in a range of industries now, but where would you look if you need to hire a drone pilot in the UK? A search engine or local directory might be a place to start, but how can you be confident you’ll get an experienced professional?The instant drone hire quote facility from Drone Safe Register is the answer.Anyone using a drone for business or profit in the UK must have approval to carry out commercial operations from the Civil Aviation Authority. A CAA approved drone pilot can carry out different types of work as specified in their [...]

22 05, 2018

The Drone Code

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In 2016 the Civil Aviation Authority worked with industry representatives to investigate the consumer drone sector. This led to the development of the so called Drone Code. The Drone Code sets out very clearly and simply the rules and guidelines for flying drones within the law in the UK.Some of the findings of the CAA’s 2016 review included –The majority of people considering the purchase of a drone planned to use it for recreation. This has changed over the past couple of years in that increasing numbers of people are interested in becoming CAA approved drone pilots and making [...]

22 05, 2018

Do you Need a Drone Licence?

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CAA drone licenceThe popularity and affordability of drones is making many people think about a career in the industry.A frequently asked question is therefore ‘Do I need a CAA drone licence.If you use a drone for personal use as a hobby, CAA approval isn’t required as such. However, you still need to fly safely and responsibly and be aware of the general public.Anyone using a drone for business or profit does need a CAA drone license in the form of a ‘PfCO’ – or Permission to Fly Commercial Operations to give it the full title. It’s not actually a license as such, but be [...]

2 05, 2018

Hire My Drone Pilot - We List Hundreds Of Approved Pilots

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We List Hundreds Of Drone PilotsThe UK drone industry is still regarded as being in it’s early days, however Drone Safe Register (and it’s industry leading network of professional drone pilots) is at the leading edge of legislation and law interpretation. Members converse regularly on these topics as a sound understanding is paramount in their businesses.Something worth keeping in mind is that the CAA have a safety first approach for all operations, be it drones, gilders or 747’s landing at Heathrow. Obviously, this is a good thing. It helps to ensure operations involving drone [...]

8 06, 2018

Drone Hire in Lancashire

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Drone Hire in Lancashire with Drone Safe Register™Drone hire in Lancashire is expected to increase dramatically over the next ten years. A surge in the use of unmanned aircraft in industry will mean approved drone pilots will be in high demand.The home of several high tech businesses in the aviation sector, including BAE Systems, drone technology could bring thousands of new jobs to Lancashire. Changes in legislation are emerging that will mean tighter controls on the use of drones by recreational flyers but more flexibility for experienced, professional drone pilots.Drone hire in [...]