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Drones are being used in a range of industries now, but where would you look if you need to hire a drone pilot in the UK? A search engine or local directory might be a place to start, but how can you be confident you’ll get an experienced professional?

The instant drone hire quote facility from Drone Safe Register is the answer.

Anyone using a drone for business or profit in the UK must have approval to carry out commercial operations from the Civil Aviation Authority. A CAA approved drone pilot can carry out different types of work as specified in their Operations Manual. There’s no such thing as a CAA drone licence in the UK, and approval comes in the form of a PFCO (Permission to Fly Commercial Operations).

Obtaining a PFCO and setting up a drone hire business can be a considerable investment. The cost of drone hire in the UK reflects this. A pilot has to attend a training course and take a written exam to prove he is familiar with the technical and safety aspects of flying unmanned aircraft. There is also a practical flight test to pass. This is involves a pilot running through a scenario to prove he understand the pre-flight preparation work, is familiar with and can control his drone and has a focus on safety.

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