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The insurance industry is one of many that are benefiting from the ability to hire a drone pilot in the UK.

An approved drone pilot can be with you in a matter of hours and save a huge amount of time and expense in dealing with an insurance claim.

In spite of popular belief, insurance companies don’t go out of their way to avoid paying claims. Unfortunately, the industry has been slow to adopt new technology, and there is a shortage of qualified insurance professionals in the UK.

These are just two of the factors that mean if you need to make a claim the service can be disappointingly slow.

If you a claim means an insurance Loss Adjuster needs to visit, it can take days or even weeks to get the process moving. For many types of claim where damage to a building is involved, an approved drone pilot can help speed things along. Storm damage to a roof is a great example.

Traditional methods can involve erecting scaffolding or using a cherry picker to assess the damage in hard to reach places. If you hire a drone pilot, you can produce evidence to support your claim within hours.

Aerial photographs and video footage are perfect as evidence to support an insurance claim. High definition images can show the state of repair or a roof and pinpoint the damage caused by a storm or other incident.

If it comes to a dispute, talk to an approved drone pilot and get some professional advice about the type of images that can be used in an insurance claim. When you need to have repairs carried out a survey by a drone gives you peace of mind that you’re only paying for work that really needs to be done.

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The world is constantly evolving and drones are rapidly becoming the solution to significantly reducing the cost of data retrieval. By embracing the use of drones, insurance companies, estate agents and commercial property managers will be able to re-focus, develop and incentivise lucrative new movements within their industry.

Drone Safe Register is the largest network of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved professionals nationwide. Having started our operations in 2015, our industry leading aerial data services are changing the game in external surveying, roofing inspections and boundary dispute settlements.


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