Flying Drones Near Wildfires!

With the exceptionally hot and dry weather this last week in the UK, the pressure is on the fire service to keep everyone safe – wildfires are popping up across the British Isles.

We would urge drone pilots not to make it unsafe for the men and women of our emergency services to work by flying drones anywhere nearby. 

There are reports appearing of irresponsible pilots taking their drones out for an impromptu flight above wildfires across of the UK.

Doing this is extremely dangerous, and doing so puts lives of helicopter response crew and firefighters on the ground at extreme risk. Don’t fly  your drone under any circumstances. Lancashire Police have published a plea via their Facebook account.

‘Helicopters and aircraft assisting with the efforts to quash the fires are extremely busy when flying these dangerous missions. The last thing they want to be doing is taking evasive action when they see a drone.’


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Harrison Green

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