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CAA approved drone pilots are increasingly in demand, and this trend is predicted to continue for years to come.

Drone hire in Middlesex and other regions of the UK may struggle to meet the needs of industry as this exciting new technology becomes part of everyday life.

The drone revolution is still in it’s early stages, and it’s hard to predict where it will lead. Artificial intelligence, ground based robots, drone swarms and the so called ‘Internet of Things’ are all part of an exciting future. Drone hire in Middlesex can already deliver advanced data capture for 3D modelling and services that are changing the way industries work. Job losses in some sectors may result, but it’s predicted there will be thousands of new jobs in the growing drone industry so the future looks bright.

As drones become lighter and power sources are improved, they will be able to stay in the air longer to complete even more complex tasks. More advanced collision detection systems will also make new applications possible. One of the most exciting developments is the potential for drone swarms. Rather than a single aircraft, swarms will be able to work together using artificial intelligence.

If you’re interested in drone hire in Middlesex today, there are a number of services available –

  • Drone Roof Inspections. Cheaper than scaffolding and safer than a ladder, this is a great way to check your roof and hard to access places if you think repairs may be needed

  • Drone Wedding Photography. What better way to capture shots and video footage of your wedding guests than from the air? If the venue is a country hotel a drone is a must!

  • Drone Insurance Claims Assessment. If you need to prepare and submit an insurance claim for something like storm damage to your home, aerial photographs are powerful evidence. You can even have the insurance company’s Loss Adjuster stood next to the drone pilot to view damage live on screen as it flies

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