We're Still Droning On This Summer!

Welcome to the Drone Safe Register August Newsletter!

This month it's all about the members! Find out more about what we're doing to support our members and promote proper commercial pilots!

Closed Network Collaboration:

As part of a Drone Safe Register membership, you get exclusive access to the largest, private, commercial drone network group! 

We're proud to have witnessed hundreds of partnerships and collaborations across the group, all across the country. 

Collaboration can be the key to success in terms of growth within this industry. Some Drone Safe Register members have been in the game since the very start, accumulating years of expertise.

Got a question? Ask it in the group!

Member Showcase:

In the spirit of praising our members, if you remember from our previous newsletters, we showcase a range of work our members have shared in the Private Network Group over the past 30 days. Every month, we will be featuring some of the members and partners who highlight the value and expertise of the Drone Safe Register.

Drone Safe Register August 2021 Newsletter

Purchase Aerial Stock Footage:

With thousands of shots from across the UK and beyond, updated daily and categorised by content type and location, shopping for aerial stock footage has never been easier!

We understand that shopping for stock footage can often be a tedious exercise -  which is why we make the process as user friendly as possible! use our filtering options to make it an easy experience browsing and locating high-quality aerial data.

Social Media Showcase:

We're still hard at work showcasing the supreme talent of our commercial network to the world of social media. 

We've been showcasing some of our member's impressive aerial photography! Don't want to miss out on the action? Send us a DM and we'll feature some of your work! 

You may have also noticed we've increased and optimised our advertising of services and platform features on behalf of our members to showcase their talent and works they can complete.

We're proud of the work our members complete - don't be afraid to show it off! 

Drone Safe Register August 2021 Newsletter

Live Member Webinars:

We're proud to announce that we're working on monthly, live webinars in partnership with our Drone Safe Register Members. 

Webinars will involve chatting to members of our team and members of our network collaboratively. 

They will also involve discussions of the latest news and developments in the drone world as well as new and ongoing changes to the law. 

We will also be sharing tips and tricks on ways to optimise your Drone Safe Register profile. 

Launch dates coming soon. 

Drone Safe Register August 2021 Newsletter

Drone Safe Store:

Continue your summer of savings with your Drone Safe Store VIP discount!

Drone Safe Store is an official UK DJI dealer, offering a full range of DJI drones and accessories. Our range of drones for sale includes entry-level starter drones, 4K camera drones, commercial drones for business use, and drones for professionals.

If you are a Drone Safe Register member, you can get elusive discounts across a range of products across our Drone Safe Store!

Contact [email protected] today for a personalised deal!

Catch Up On This Months Feature Blogs:

This month saw two feature-length Drone Safe Register blogs!

Firstly we took a look at the future of Amazon's Drone Deliveries business after the shock announcement that the departments funding had been cut.

We also examined the relationship between drones and weddings, and how those interested in saving the environment can use a drone wedding photographer to make their wedding more sustainable!


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