How Is Drone Videography Used in 2021?

Drone Videography is a brilliant service Drone Safe Register members are able to provide to customers across the UK. Aerial drone video and film content can be captured with a variety of cinematic elements, providing opportunities to capture the attention of a variety of audiences. 

Despite the use of drone videography increasing over the last 5 years, we’re still asked about the benefits of using drones for aerial videography and in what context drones can be used for videography. So if your asking the question “how is drone videography used” or “what are the benefits of drone videography” this is the blog for you!

5) Aerial Videography For Digital Marketing

Much like the drone industry, the world of Digital Marketing is constantly changing. Most recently, there has been a massive increase in the use of video content across the internet, especially due to the rise of YouTube and TikTok.

Aerial videography for digital marketing video content gives a stunning, unquestionable addition to quality and gives the impression of professionalism. Having aerial content will no doubt raise your game (in more ways than one) and provide a memorable piece of content wherever you choose to distribute it.

Thanks to Drone Safe Register, finding an affordable yet dependable pilot for aerial videography has never been easier. Affordability is key for small businesses, that’s why many of our pilots use the DJI Mini 2, which is not only one of the best drones for videography, but easily the cheapest drone for videography.

Top 5 Benefits of Drone Videography

4) Aerial Videography For Event Filming

Woohoo! Live festivals and events are back again! It’s been a long 18 months since the last, proper live event happened, and our members have enjoyed being back on the scene at the biggest events in the country.

Drones can now film the festivities from the air in a safe and cost-effective manner. Drones are changing not only how these events are captured, but also how they are remembered. Prior to the invention of drones, the only way to film music festivals and outdoor concerts were from the ground or by hiring an extremely expensive helicopter crew!

Drone Safe Register members have been capturing aerial video content for live events, festivals and music concerts for years, most recently at Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival! So next time you find yourself banging your head in time with the music at a festival and you spot a drone above you, don’t be surprised if it’s from one of our safe and insured commercial operators.

Top 5 Benefits of Drone Videography

3) Aerial Videography For Inspections

Whilst being nowhere near as exciting as filming a festival or a piece of marketing material for a top brand, using our drone aerial videography services for inspections is a simple, cost-effective way of ensuring the safety of your home, hotel or business.

Drones can be used to inspect everything from roof surveying to offshore inspections. Whatever your inspections needs, there’s a drone operator for that! There are clearly major benefits to using drones to conduct visual inspections over traditional, manual inspection methods, with inspector safety being at the top of the list. Another unexpected benefit is the ability to easily review the footage, as many times as you like!

Drone Safe Register members have all of the skills necessary to complete a variety of inspections across the UK, and they are all fully qualified and fully insured. Hire the best in the business with Drone Safe Register.

Top 5 Benefits of Drone Videography

2) Aerial Videography for TV & Film

Big budget films and television shows have been using aerial videography techniques for years! Often resorting to massive cranes or expensive helicopters to complete any aerial filming requirements. 

This is not economical, this is not time conscious and just not ideal. Drones solve all of these problems whilst in most scenarios increasing productivity and shortening the timescale of a project. Aerial drone video by one of our dynamic professionals can provide a premium, cinematic experience for any and all digital media works. 

Our CAA approved Drone Safe Register members have worked on many British television shows including I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and The Apprentice, providing an expert job and complying with all legal requirements.

We've even flown a drone onto Dragons Den!

1) Aerial Videography for Weddings

Whilst Digital Marketing and TV & Film are important… they don’t really compare to the importance of a happy couples wedding day! Whilst drones have only a recent relationship with weddings, the stunning results they earn have more than proven their worth.

With the help of an aerial drone operator, you'll be able to uniquely capture the atmosphere created by all the elements of your special day coming together. No other form of aerial videography can compare to the value of using a drone for aerial video nor can it compare to the impressive results. 

Drone Safe Register drone operators have years of experience capturing a couples special day, and are often able to provide a thorough package of aerial video, alongside potential editing and distribution packages. 

Top 5 Benefits of Drone Videography

For consumers in the UK, drone videography is a fantastic service that Drone Safe Register members offer. Aerial drone video is quickly taking off with businesses across the country looking to raise their game.

Hire a Drone Safe Register approved pilot today, for the very best aerial videography services.


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