Wedding planning with drones

A survey in 2017 by a leading wedding planning website stated that the average cost of a wedding is now over £27,000. It’s not clear whether that includes the wedding drone price, but relative to everything else it could turn out to be one of the cheaper things on the list!

Data suggests that the costs include the following –

  • £2,000 for the engagement ring. Strictly speaking not a part of the wedding costs of course, but it’s all part of the package! Traditionally a man is supposed to spend a month’s salary on the engagement ring, but spending has risen faster than wage inflation. Actor George Clooney reportedly spent £450,000 on the ring for Amal Alamuddin.

  • £4,000 for the venue hire. Not so long ago the local social club was the preferred venue for weddings, but settings have become more and more lavish over the years. Country hotels, castles and stately homes are now options if you have the cash. If you are booking somewhere like this a wedding drone price is well worth paying as it’s the best way to capture impressive venues

  • £4,000 for the catering. Guest expectations have risen over recent years, and the popular pate, roast chicken and profiteroles doesn’t impress any more. Wine and champagne can add to this cost of course, but some venues allow you to supply your own for a charge. A popular trend is now food trucks supplying Asian street food, pie and mash and Mexican dishes, so this is one way to cut costs if you’re organising a wedding on a budget

  • £3,000 for photography and video. Gone are the days when Uncle Bob who take a few snaps on his Kodak Instamatic. Wedding photography is now a high-end service, with some photographers booked years in advance. Wedding videos look more like the opening credits of Hollywood movies nowadays, and the wedding drone price can push the cost over £1,000

Nobody likes to cut corners when arranging a wedding, but it’s easy to get carried away and pay for things you don’t really need. Photographs and video are something you’ll look back on for many years, so it’s important to pay for the best you can afford. If you have a venue that is suited, drone wedding photography is something you should seriously consider.


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