Drone photography prices in the UK

UK vary depending on a number of factors. The most important is whether the drone photographer you book is legal and insured to fly.

Drone Safe Register was set up to promote the use of drones safely and responsibly in the UK, and to ensure that anyone hiring an operator understands the law.

We have CAA approved operators for hire nationwide and we have the UK’s latest expert network.


It’s possible to find cheap drone pilots of course, but it can be very risky to use one of these. Firstly, they may not have the necessary skills, experience or equipment to deliver what you want.

This could mean paying for a job to be done again by a competent approved drone pilot, making it a false economy.

More importantly, a hobby drone pilot won’t have authority from the CAA to carry out paid for work and this could land you both in trouble.

Anyone working or offering services for payment as drone pilot must have approval from the CAA in the form of a PfCO.

This stands for Permission For Commercial Operations. It’s not a drone licence as such, but it means a pilot can sell his services legally and can obtain insurance to do so.

Obtaining a PfCO involves a fair degree of study and taking a practical flight test with an approved examiner.

Once these stages are passed, a pilot has to prepare a detailed manual for the CAA describing how he will maintain his aircraft and ensure all flights are conducted safely and within the law.

Drone photography prices UK vary depending on the type of work you need. Something like an aerial property shoot could cost as little as £200.

This is excellent value for money if it means you can make your home stand out above others and achieve a quick sale.

Marketing shots for something like a hotel would be a similar price, but you could be looking at more like £500 if you need video footage.

Specialist work like detailed drone roof inspections often require more expensive equipment and cameras, so it’s important to let an operator know what you need when you hire a drone operator.

In some cases he may have to pay a camera operator or spotter for safety reasons, so this can add to the cost of photography prices.

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