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20 11, 2018

DSR’s First Regional Meeting

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As our membership has grown, so has the interest that lots of industry suppliers have shown in working alongside us and our members to offer a range of member benefits.  One of these benefits has come to fruition recently in the first of our regional meetings. Held in Marlow on 9th November, this gathering was open free of charge to all DSR members (although pre-registration was required) and it brought them together in front of a panel of industry experts including our partners at Jessops.   The room was full to bursting with so many members taking time out of their busy schedule [...]

1 10, 2018

Drone Safe Register Members Really do Feel the Benefits

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Drone Safe Register Members Really do Feel the BenefitsWe spend lots of time telling people within the drone community exactly how being a DSR member can offer great advantages – From support and resources through to lead generation and stock footage sales income – but for this blog post we thought you might like to hear it from the horse’s mouth.  Danny Rutterford of R.D-Rutterford Droneography ( has been so impressed with the benefit he’s already had from his membership, that he is telling people all about it on his website .Danny is r [...]

22 08, 2018

Drone Surveys in London

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How To Find London Drone Surveying ExpertsRestrictions on their use mean that drone surveys London often require more planning than those in other cities and towns. As well as airport traffic, there is above average use of helicopters in London, so caution is needed.Drone Safe Register provides you with a list of London based Drone Experts that can help you. We even appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den because of it.Receive Instant Quotes From Our Experts Concerns over terrorism and threats to politicians and the Royal Family add to the complications around flying drones in London [...]

17 08, 2018

Drone Photography Prices UK

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Drone photography prices in the UKUK vary depending on a number of factors. The most important is whether the drone photographer you book is legal and insured to fly.Drone Safe Register was set up to promote the use of drones safely and responsibly in the UK, and to ensure that anyone hiring an operator understands the law.We have CAA approved operators for hire nationwide and we have the UK’s latest expert network.BOOK ONLINE TODAY HEREIt’s possible to find cheap drone pilots of course, but it can be very risky to use one of these. Firstly, they may not have the necessary skills [...]

16 08, 2018

Drone Services Ireland – What’s Available & How To Hire

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Drone Hire Services IrelandThere are a growing number of drone services in Ireland already, and more are appearing as the technology improves. We are at an exciting new frontier with a number of new technologies emerging and evolving at the same time. Unmanned vehicles, drones and artificial intelligence will combined in new ways over the coming years.So what’s available now in terms of drone services currently available in Ireland?Drone roof inspections. This service has been available for some time, but it’s really only now being embraced. A drone roof inspection is quicker, ch [...]

29 10, 2016

The UKs Fast Growing Drone Website

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The nation's largest drone network DSR provides a national, searchable directory containing the contact details and profiles of trained, qualified and insured drone pilots who are available for hire within the UK.Any drone pilot receiving payment for aerial work is legally required to have Civil Aviation Authority permission (PfCO), along with valid insurance documents.  When hiring a drone operator, it is important to ensure you are using a safe and legal UAV pilot.DSR has made the process of finding and hiring a legal drone pilot quick and easy. By ensuring that your drone pil [...]

22 09, 2016

September Drone Hire Newsletter

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It’s been a very busy few months with DSR working hard for it’s members over the summer.  In case you missed out, here’s a few highlights. July was our busiest month yet with 4803 visitors to our dedicated UK drone hire directory. August was still impressive at 3759 and already in September we have had 3875 at time of print. Exciting numbers for our members. Remember, DSR do not charge a commission for the work we provide. It is an open marketed directory for members of the public to find legal UAV professionals for hire quickly and easily. Our new aerial property marketing c [...]

21 09, 2016

Choosing a Drone Hire Company

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What Drone Company Should I Choose To Hire?Find drone companies for hire today with Drone Safe Register, the easy to use ‘drone company hire’ website.Being the UK’s fasting growing ‘drone directory’ we now have drone pilots for hire nationwide.When it comes to finding the right drone company for your aerial needs, it can be tough trying to decide which drone company you should choose to hire.With Drone Safe Register's unique 'Instant Quote' system, your quote will be sent to up to the 5 nearest local pilots.From this point, it's up to you to decide which commercial drone pilo [...]

22 01, 2018


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DRONE DIRECTORY WARNINGBeware of ‘drone directories & Drone Networks that don’t do their checks…..Almost each month we see a new drone directory pop up.Sadly, it has become evident that many drone directory websites are not doing their commercial drone pilot checks thoroughly.On closer inspection, it is evident that many drone directories have pilots listed with out of date, invalid paperwork or non-existent paperwork checks.You can obtain instant drone hire quotations HEREWhy is this important?  When it comes to aviation safety – cutting corners is unsafe and u [...]