Beware of ‘drone directories & Drone Networks that don’t do their checks…..

Almost each month we see a new drone directory pop up.

Sadly, it has become evident that many drone directory websites are not doing their commercial drone pilot checks thoroughly.

On closer inspection, it is evident that many drone directories have pilots listed with out of date, invalid paperwork or non-existent paperwork checks.

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Why is this important?  When it comes to aviation safety – cutting corners is unsafe and unacceptable.  The UK’s aviation safety standards are set high to avoid accidents.

DSR was recently notified of a ‘drone hire directory’ that doesn’t even ask for CAA certification from their pilots listed.  That means that anybody who wishes can ‘say’ they are CAA approved (even though they are not) and then be promoted as a legal drone operator.

Here’s what one drone directory said when asked whether they check for CAA Approval (PFCO) :

We don’t require a copy of your PFCO,  but every listing agrees to terms of use of the site which states information supplied to us is correct, we also carry out random checks against CAA register.

This is massively open to abuse and cannot be good for the industry and a regulated industry at that!

Don’t get caught out by hiring an illegal operator.  If things go wrong you’ll find that your drone operator is not insured.  A drone in the hands of an illegal operator is an accident waiting to happen.

Ensuring your drone pilot is legal

By law anybody operating their drone commercially i.e. charging for the service MUST have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold valid commercial insurance.

When hiring a drone operator always ask for a copy of the pilots CAA approval (PFCO) and commercial drone insurance.

The UK’s leading drone hire website

Drone Safe Register™ (DSR) launched in November 2015 is the UK’s leading drone hire website.  DSR was the first drone organisation to highlight the UK’s issue of illegal drone operators.  Our platform exists to support the UK’s legal commercial drone industry.

With hundreds of pre-checked CAA approved drone pilots listed on the DSR’s drone directory, we are the nation’s number one.  We offer full nationwide DRONE HIRE coverage of the UK and ROI.  DSR is a simple to use drone hire platform.  We make the process of hiring a legal drone pilot quick and easy.

DSR – The safest place to hire a drone pilot

DSR is the safest place to hire a legal drone operator.  Our drone pilot members receive fantastic reviews from their customers and are trusted by all manner of businesses including local councils, insurance companies and schools.

DSR only accepts CAA approved and commercially insured drone operators to join our directory.

All our member pilots are pre-checked for CAA approval and insurance.  DSR holds a copy of our members’  CAA approval (PFCO) and insurance documents.  All DSR members would happily share their paperwork on request.

As an extra safety measure, DSR also displays the expiry dates of our members’ CAA approval and insurance certificates.

To HIRE a safe and legal drone operator with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE log onto the Drone Safe Register homepage.

On our homepage you’ll see all our pre-checked members are located on the DSR digital map.

Our members are available 24 hours per day and 365 days a year.

All our members are issued with photo ID cards to identify themselves as an official DSR pilot.


DSR HQ is here to help anybody who is looking to hire a drone pilot.

DSR’s FREEPHONE number 0800 689 3935 is manned between 10 am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

To discuss your drone hire requirements call the DSR FREEPHONE number and we’ll put you in touch with your local DSR drone pilot.

Our DSR members look forward to helping you!

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