Drones for Weddings

Aerial photos and video footage are a unique way of capturing the memories of a wedding day.

Wedding photography has evolved in exciting ways over the past twenty years, and drone wedding pictures are the latest development.

Digital camera technology was the start of the new approach to capturing weddings, and the rise of ‘selfies’ and the use of Facebook and Instagram brought further change.

 Weddings aren’t cheap of course, so a wedding drone camera price can be beyond the budget of some couples.

A standard wedding photography package can cost anything from £500 to £2,000, and wedding drone camera price has to be paid on top of this.

If you’re planning a wedding and like the idea of drone wedding pictures, you may have to compromise on something else.

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Some wedding venues are more suitable for drone aerial photos than others.

A hotel in scenic grounds, a castle or historic building or a country church surrounded by fields are perfect for drone wedding photographs.

In fact without aerial shots you could really be missing out on the true potential of such a venue.

A small wedding at a city centre registry office with a reception at a social club won’t really benefit from aerial photography.

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The kind of shots and footage that make the wedding drone camera price worth paying include –

  • An aerial group shot of the whole wedding party. Traditionally photographers try to take this from an upstairs window at the wedding venue, but a drone makes it much easier.

  • Having the couple at the front with all their guests behind them makes a fantastic shot

  • Video footage revealing the venue.

  • The drone reveal shot is a classic, and if you’re having a wedding video this is fantastic way to show off the venue at the start

  • Aerial shots of the couple.

  • Most photographers take couples off for portraits after the group shots, and having a drone adds another dimension to this.

  • They can include the couple walking hand in hand through gardens or along by the sea, and make beautiful images.

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