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Our camera drone hire UK companies offer aerial photography and video on demand.  The cost of aerial photography was way beyond the means of most businesses and individuals up until a few years ago, but drone technology has changed that. Helicopters and light aircraft are no longer needed.

There are all kinds of reasons why you might need camera drone UK, including the following.

  • Aerial property photos with a drone. This has become very popular over the past year, and it’s an ideal way to push your home for a quick sale. The view from above can show off a property in it’s best possible light, particularly if you have a nice garden. Aerial property photos with a drone can reveal the local area and give a potential buyer a unique perspective.

  • Aerial roof inspection. Drones are the ideal tools to reach hard to access places, and they are far cheaper than paying for scaffolding. Drone roof inspections start from around £200 in the UK, and this cost includes supply of high quality photographs. Thousands of camera drone hire UK jobs relate to checking
    the condition of roofs.

  • Drone wedding photography. Aerial shots of and video of a wedding can add a cinematic quality. For venues like country hotels, golf clubs and leisure resorts, drone wedding photography is becoming a must-have service. Some traditional wedding photographers are moving into the world of unmanned aircraft, but most use camera drone hire UK services.

  • Insurance claims with drones. This is a huge growth area, and Loss Adjusters are beginning to hire CAA drone pilots rather than arrange for scaffolding. Aerial photographs can be used to assess damage and scope the necessary repair work in hours, rather than days or weeks as it can take using traditional methods. Drones for claims will become a common service over the next year.

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