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The drone industry is new and changing fast. December 2018 saw apparent drone related activity close Gatwick airport and created a ripple effect amongst the general public with regards to drone operators, and some changes in the law regarding how all drone pilots (both commercial and amateur) can operate.

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Couple this with the legislation changes that were already in the pipeline to bring the UK into line with the EASA standards and running a UAV business or even enjoying drones in your leisure time, can feel like being in a minefield. This is where being part of an organisation like Drone Safe Register can be really helpful.

Online Networking

Joining our network of pilots means that you are part of a group that spans the UK and Ireland.  As well as the formal membership benefits, we also offer an internet forum and closed Facebook group where members can support each other, discuss issues and even share work by ‘white labelling’.  This is one of our liveliest areas with members often collaborating to share kit, solve problems and generally work together to make the most of the opportunities that come along.

Representing Drone Pilots

You can also be sure that Drone Safe Register will be representing you by being part of the focus groups and committees that shape the legislation.  Our membership numbers and professional approach have already made an impression in the industry, with the CAA in particular and we are invited to many meetings to represent the interest of our drone pilots – a very real chance for us to shape the future of the UAV industry.

A Dragon Investor

Of course, Drone Safe Register has the backing of a Dragon in the form of Peter Jones CBE – a 40% stakeholder after our visit to the Den in the Autumn of 2018. Investment from such a high-profile figure has brought us firmly to the forefront of the UK public’s mind and also created a very natural partnership with one of the other businesses in the Jones tech empire – Jessops.  Our members – both commercial and amateur flyers – receive an exclusive discount with Jessops and we regularly work with the Jessops team to create additional member benefits such as workshops and training days.

Drones for Schools

Drone Safe Register members get access to our Drones for Schools training materials.  As well as playing your part in helping to educate the general public on drone facts and the safest way to behave around them, you could also be inspiring the next generation of drone pilots. Our Drones for Schools package is currently aimed at pupils within Key Stage 2 7-11 years (this range will be expanded shortly) and offers our members the complete tool kit from introductory letters, through to the presentation and supporting documents to take drone education to your local schools. This is an incredible opportunity to forge connections and introduce your business to the school both in terms of providing them with your services and also with the pupils’ parents.

Meeting and Workshops

At Drone Safe Register, we recognise that the internet can only take us so far and so we also run a programme of member meetings and workshops.  These can range from exclusive opportunities to visit and speak with key industry suppliers (and sometimes even get your hands on their newest kit) to speaker programmes and networking opportunities such as our forthcoming meeting at Gatwick Aviation Museum.  Here, members will be able to hear from industry experts, network with other drone pilots and get hands on with our workshop programme. Our next meeting in June will have the police and CAA represented and available to members to question and learn from.

All of these benefits are on offer in addition to those below and we are always working hard behind the scenes to increase our value to our membership. There really never has been a better time to be a Drone Safe Register member.

  • Hosting your business information, website link and show reels on the most visited and ‘Google ranked’ website of its kind in the UK and Ireland

  • Access to an DSR OSC approved operator network

  • While labelled job opportunities throughout the UK and Ireland

  • Highly professional network of expertise, close social media and forum support

  • Generous DSR partner discounts from Coverdrone, Jessops and Others

  • Free uploads to the members’ video and photo stock library where you receive 50% commission on all sales for life

  • DSR shop for clothing, PPE and other discounted drone related products

  • Free to use marketplace for sale of drone equipment and accessories

  • Online flight logging printable risk assessment forms

  • Access to Operations Manual updates and information

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