Aerial Drone Inspections Throughout The UK

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A short and simple drone flight can be all that it takes to get a detailed aerial inspection of your home’s roof, gutters and chimneys. This can be an invaluable tool if you want to carry out an inspection to find the source of a problem, provide data to support an insurance claim or just for peace of mind on your own home or one that you are looking to purchase.

Today’s drone cameras can create incredibly high quality images that allow you to zoom in on small areas for detailed evaluation with no need for scaffolding or cherry pickers.

Solar Panel and Flat Roof Inspections

As well as allowing you to examine your roof for visible problems, drones are capable of carrying thermal imaging cameras. In the hands of a qualified thermographer pilot, these can be used to carry out fast and effective inspection for example of domestic solar panels and flat roofs.

Thermal images can determine if your panels are functioning both safely and at maximum capacity and to check your roof for signs of damage of water ingress.

So as you can see, there are lot of ways that drone technology can be of service to domestic customers.

If you’re looking to hire a drone pilot, then the Drone Safe Register is a great place to start as you can be sure that all of our pilots are qualified, CAA approved and insured.

Just use the search facility to find your local pilot or ask for a quote from your nearest operators.

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