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20 05, 2019

Find My Drone Pilot

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Our Drone Pilot Portal & UAV HubThe drone industry is new and changing fast. December 2018 saw apparent drone related activity close Gatwick airport and created a ripple effect amongst the general public with regards to drone operators, and some changes in the law regarding how all drone pilots (both commercial and amateur) can operate.visit our new online drone storeFIND MY DRONE PILOT NOWCouple this with the legislation changes that were already in the pipeline to bring the UK into line with the EASA standards and running a UAV business or even enjoying drones in your leisure t [...]

11 06, 2021

There’s a Drone Flying Over My House - What Do I Do?

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As we emerge further from the national lockdown, there will no doubt be an increase in the number of drones flying above us in the sky. Whether they are flying commercially or for pleasure they are becoming a common feature in the skies of Britain. But what happens when a drone flies to close for comfort? What happens when drone noise becomes a disturbance? What happens when I think they are filming me?Know your rights and what to do when you see a drone flying over your house. [...]