Find The Best Drone Gifts For Drone Lovers This Christmas

Are you struggling to find the perfect drone gift for your favourite tech friend? 

Struggle no more!

Whether you’re in the market for a cool new drone t-shirt, the latest drone accessories or something more high end, our list has it all!

Find the perfect drone gift for Christmas now!

What Do You Buy For Someone Who Likes Drones?

So, you want to get the drone lover in your family or circle of friends a drone themed gift.  

The problem is, the only drones worth investing in are worth hundreds of pounds (at best!) which isn't exactly in the budget.

Fortunately, we have a number of drone gift ideas suited for all budgets which are sure to go down well with your drone friend this Christmas!

Top 5 Drone Gifts For Christmas!

Drone Gift #1 - Custom T-Shirts, Mugs & More!

We all need more t-shirts right? Why not combine the need with the thrill of flying? There are a collection of pundefull designs out there that will be sure to amuse your drone friends.

Maybe they are a DILF - a Drone I’d Like To Fly, not the other meaning! - who just loves getting out there and exploring the world from a unique perspective. Maybe they need a warning sticker telling people they might go on and on about drones. Or maybe they need a cap to let people know they’re “minding their drone business”.

Custom designs make the perfect gifts for drone operators this Christmas because not only are they unique, they’re sure to put a smile on either your face or theirs. 

Drone Gifts For Christmas Drone Gifts For Christmas

Drone Gift #2 - Drone Safe Register Hobbyist Membership

Drone flying is quickly becoming an incredibly popular hobby in the UK and we have the perfect present for amateur drone enthusiasts to reach the next level. 

Our Hobbyist Membership provides amateur drone pilots with the foundations to grow their passion for the drone industry.

As part of the Hobbyist Membership Plan, members receive access to A2 CofC Training at a reduced price as well as a discount on DJI drones and accessories at the Drone Safe Store.

Drone Gifts For Christmas

Drone Gift #3 - Gloves & Travel Mug

Now we’re in the middle of winter it’s an especially cold time to be a drone pilot. Treat the drone lover in your life to a warm surprise in the form of fingerless gloves! 

Drone pilots will be able to keep holding onto the controller for longer with the help of these insulated, thermal fingerless gloves. 

Do you know what else helps when you are out flying in the cold? A nice warm cup of coffee!

Make sure to grab a well-insulated, thermal travel mug for your favourite drone pilot this Christmas!

Drone Gift #4 - Portable Drone Landing Pad

Sometimes you have to launch and land your drone on terrain that isn't entirely flat, which can result in prop damage. 

With the help of this portable drone landing pad, you can ensure that your drone enthusiast always has a perfect spot to land their aircraft. 

It comes with plastic nails to secure it in place and a small carry case that fits neatly into your equipment box. It also comes in a variety of colours, just in case they’re fussy.

Drone Gift #5 - Drone Flight Experience + Training

If you know someone who likes drones but is yet to get much hands-on experience, this drone flight experience will make the best Christmas drone gift.

This 90 minute, one-on-one drone flight experience offers new pilots the chance to fly the DJI Mini 2 as well as provide a detailed overview of drones, drone laws and drone values. 

When it comes to learning more about drones, there’s only one course we can recommend. Osprey Drone Training’s online A2CofC training course has been fully approved by the CAA and provides would-be commercial drone operators with the licence to fly legally. 

Drone Gifts For Christmas

Drone Safe Store Gifts For Christmas

Looking for something extra special for your drone friend this Christmas? Drone Safe Store can provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to buy the right accessories for your drone friend.

If you don’t know your Mavic 3  from your Phantom 4, employ the help of the expert team to make sure you secure the right drone gift.

With a range of accessories and carry cases for DJI drones, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Drone Gifts For Christmas


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