Build Your Drone Safe Register Profile Properly With These Essential Tips

Are you ready to take your Drone Safe Register profile to the next level? 

Join us as we explore what makes a great Drone Safe Register Member profile and the benefits of taking the time to create a Google optimised profile. 

Are you ready to start getting your profile noticed? Read on now!

Why Do I Need To Improve My Drone Safe Register Profile?

When potential customers look at your profile, they are looking for a clear description of what exactly you offer and why they would benefit from your services.

That’s why it’s essential you invest time in developing your profile and ensuring it is up to date. It’s also worth encouraging your customers to leave a review or testimonial. Social proof will work wonders for your business.

As a part of your business description, you need to handle the on-page Search Engine Optimisation. This involves improving the content on your profile and making sure it’s relevant for what you want to rank for.

You want to rank highly in Google search results because it gives you the best possible chance to rank for the terms your potential customers are searching for.

At Drone Safe Register, we handle the technical side of SEO. We drive traffic to our site organically, we have a fast, optimised website and we market using Social Media.

You need to improve the content of your drone business profile to appear higher in local search results for drone pilots and drone services.

Essential DSR SEO Profile Tips

Step 1 - H1 Tag + H2 Tag

Your H1 tag is the title of the page. You have no need to worry about this as it will be simply the name of your company.

Heading tags get serious with H2 headings. Header 2 text is used to guide visitors to a certain section of text. Heading tags help search engines understand the content that is on your page and help users get the information they are searching for faster.

We recommend utilizing your H2 tag at the beginning of your profile to introduce your business, services and location.

Follow this formula:

[Company Name] | [Verb] [Services], in [Location]

Drone Safe Register - Supplying Quality Aerial Photography & Video Services in Chichester

This is where you can make it unique to your business. Choose the service you want to rank most for.

Remember - don’t make it too long; no one likes stuffing that much, especially after Christmas.  

Essential DSR SEO Profile Tips

Step 2 - About You

What makes you stand out from the crowd when it comes to aerial services in your area? What are the key values of your business, are you family-run?

This is where you want to shout from the rooftop what makes your business special and gives you a chance to highlight which services you specialise in.

If someone was receiving quotes for a roof inspection, they are more likely to go for the company that specialises in it. This, of course, applies better to a service like TV or Film Aerial filming where the service is more specialised but it’s best to advertise what you are best at!

For Example:

“At Drone Safe Register, we are proud to provide ultra-high quality aerial filming services for applications in TV, Film and Businesses. 

Utilising the latest in DJI drone technology, we can capture stunning aerial video content in up to 6K RAW and ultra-high definition aerial images.

Why DJI? DJI provide the worlds leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and are capable of capturing the highest-quality images in the drone world.”

Remember, your content is being read by people who have a variety of knowledge in the drone industry - some little some large. The content needs to be accessible for everyone.

Essential DSR SEO Profile Tips

Step 3 - Services That Sell

It’s best to include an exhaustive list of the aerial operations you are capable of completing. This not only allows you to provide a general overview of your services to customers from the get-go. It also helps you rank for these services on Google!

For the key aerial services you offer, it’s important to write how the service benefits the customer and why you should be the one to provide the service. It’s vital that you include the location of the service as well. This will help boost your rankings for searches in that specific area.

For Example:

Aerial Drone Videography Chichester 

Aerial filming no longer needs extensive helicopter film crews and massive, flexible budgets. At Drone Safe Register, we complete aerial operations that are quiet, safer and more affordable, whilst retaining the high-quality standards required for TV & Film.

Drone Safe Register will work with you to create the perfect shot. Hundreds of clients have trusted us to capture high-quality aerial content for their TV or film projects across Chichester, London and Manchester. 

If you’re looking for aerial drone videography services in Chichester, contact us today for a FREE quote!

Essential DSR SEO Profile Tips

Bonus Profile Tips

When it comes to filling out your profile, we recommend 400+ words of unique content. If you are struggling with ideas there are a few extra points you can include.

Equipment - what drone do you use to complete your aerial services?

Locations - where are you capable of offering your aerial services?

Insurance - what insurance do you hold? How are you approved by the CAA?

If you are still struggling with your profile, contact us today and we can see what we can do to help!

If you want a stress free rebranding or profile writing service, log in to your dashboard and discover how Drone Safe Register can help you!

Essential DSR SEO Profile Tips


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