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11 12, 2016


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DRONE MEMBERS UPDATE This week Drone Safe Register is delighted to update members on a number of exciting developments including:DSR Premium Stock Site –On track for New Year LaunchThe DSR 2016 Drone Hire Awards UpdateDSR’s attendance at the Drone Show 2016DSR Membership is growing…so is our membership marketingWith less than 2 weeks until Christmas, have a read of the DSR Christmas BlogDSR’s Twelve Days of ChristmasWhat DSR is doing this weekDSR Premium Stock SiteDSR is pleased to inform our members that in a matter of weeks we will be emailing ALL our PRO members their logi [...]

2 12, 2016


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DECEMBER UPDATEIt’s been a very busy week with many new pro member registrations.  We have new members joining from all corners of Britain. As the Drone Safe Register grows so do our marketing plans.Our new stock footage website remit is with our web developers.  DSR is excited to update our members that the site is taking shape and is on track for launch in the New Year.Anybody looking to buy aerial footage will be able to log on and purchase legally shot aerial imagery.  Production Companies, producers, editors, design agencies will have the peace of mind that thei [...]

14 12, 2021

Drone Gifts For Christmas

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Are you struggling to find the perfect drone gift for your favourite tech friend? Struggle no more!Whether you’re in the market for a cool new drone t-shirt, the latest drone accessories or something more high end, our list has it all!Find the perfect drone gift for Christmas now! [...]