As the name of our organisation suggests, we are all about safe drone flying - safe and legal. When our CEO Mark Boyt created Drone Safe Register it was with a vision to be able to offer the benefits drones can bring to the general public. The technology has advanced at a rapid pace since, and drones are far easier and safer to fly. But in the wrong hands and without the right training and experience a drone can still cause harm. 

On a visit to a local park or beach you’ll often see a drone flying close to crowds and being landed just feet away from people. Very recently a three year old boy suffered cuts to his neck and face due to the actions of a reckless drone flyer.

Some operators are so intent on watching the drone’s camera view on their smartphone or controller that they rarely look up to see where it is in the sky and what potential hazards are around. These accidents and incidents where members of the public feel under threat from drones are few and far between fortunately, but they damage the reputation of our members and responsible, safe operators.

We may excuse these new ‘hobby’ flyers and they are often ignorant of the rules or the responsibilities of drone operation, but what about those carrying out commercial work? The local roofer who picks up a drone online to check a job before going up a ladder. The estate agent who uses a mini drone to capture some aerial property shots. Changes in legislation around the commercial use of drones did cause some confusion and the Civil Aviation Authority must take some responsibility for this, but some operators are knowingly operating outside the law. This change has led to thousands of uninsured drone flights now taking place.

Drone Safe Register is the established national network of approved and insured commercial drone operators for hire.

A Business Built on Safe, Legal Drone Flights

We are proud to have the best operators in the industry as part of Drone Safe Register, delivering high-quality data and excellent customer service. The services our members can offer include all of the following, and we have the scale to quote from a single deployment up to national contracts with full UK coverage.

Drone Safe Register’s foundations of safe and legal flying have been key to our success. We knew the drone market would take off and that it would take time for some industries to recognise the value but we’re getting there. Thanks to our loyal members we can offer the most professional drone services in the UK.


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Harrison Green