April has historically been a quiet month for drone jobs, but it’s actually been quite a busy one for Drone Safe Register Members. We have soon a lot of Aerial Inspections and event bookings in the month of April.

As always, the networking group has been a great source of work for many members and we love seeing the activity and the amount of work being shared. If you are a DSR member and you haven’t joined the networking group yet you’re missing out, so get in touch and join the party. Some of the requests for help have included -

  • A 12-month contract recording a construction project

  • An FPV music video shoot

  • Industrial Roof Surveys

Drone Safe Register April Newsletter

Member Benefits Update

At Drone Safe Register the team have been hard at work updating the website. So far this April we have added a “Lifetime Instant Quotes” map which shows where quotes have come in from the start of DSR. This feature will keep DSR members more informed and let them know where the hot spots are. From this information, you might want to either buy a second pin from the member's store or move your original pin.

How Will You Keep Busy This Summer?

Listening to our members it sounds like it’s going to be a busy Summer this year. We’re still hearing about weddings and events that have been on hold over the past couple of years, so there are great opportunities there. 


If you’ve been in the drone business for any time you’ll know that success is all about networking. Unless you have a huge marketing budget the work doesn’t just fall through the door! Our busiest members have joined our network of drone operators where jobs can be shared and related businesses such as film companies, event and wedding organisers and insurance claims assessors. 


With inflation hitting new highs, budgets may be squeezed in some sectors, but there are always opportunities if you offer a professional service, think creatively and build good relationships. Even in tough times, houses are still sold, building projects will continue and couples will get married! If you do hit a quiet patch, take the time to shoot some stock footage and build some long-term passive income by selling it through the DSR stock library.


The team at DSR hope you have a great May and as always we’re here to help if you need us.


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