Using Drones For Events In 2022

It seems hard to believe but it's been over two years since Prime Minister Johnson put the country into lockdown as the seriousness of Covid-19 became apparent. March 23rd 2020 was the day the nation tuned in to hear those words, “Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact and travel.” Our world changed in an instant with working from home became the ‘new normal.’ Contact with family and friends was severely restricted and parties and events were strictly off the table. It’s been a very hard couple of years, but with most of the population vaccinated we are now able to organise gatherings, take part in sporting activities and celebrate special occasions again.

It’s been estimated that some 140,000 couples were forced to postpone their weddings in 2020 alone. The cost to the wedding industry has been put at over five billion pounds. Some couples were even forced to postpone their special day second and third times as new waves of the virus appeared and further lockdowns were imposed! The restrictions on face masks at weddings in Wales and Scotland were finally removed recently, and all the signs are that 2022 will be boom time for weddings.

Using Drones For Events In 2022

If you’re planning a wedding in the next eighteen months, don’t leave it too late! The best venues, caterers, cars and photographers will all be booked soon, especially for those popular Summer dates. If you’re arranging a wedding at short notice, a good tip is to consider a Friday rather than the usual Saturday. As well as having a better chance of everything you want is available, you may even get some discounts by avoiding Saturdays. Drones for wedding photography and video capture are increasingly popular, so take a look at our ‘Instant Quote’ facility if you want to find out about local availability and prices. Don’t risk being an ‘amateur’ if you want your special day captured from the air – hire a drone wedding photographer from Drone Safe for peace of mind and guaranteed expertise.

Sporting events are also back on in 2022. How many people missed their weekly park run, local football match or half marathon over the pandemic! As well as being able to enjoy sports – either taking part or watching – it’s great just to get outdoors and socialise in crowds again. At Drone Safe we’re seeing a surge in demand for drones for events of all kinds. If you organise events and want a way to market and showcase them to others, aerial footage and photographs can’t be beaten. Drones are perfect for capturing the action at everything from marathons to mountain biking events. As well as flying and camera skills an event drone photographer needs to know how to operate safely at all times, particularly when there are crowds of spectators. The Drone Safe members are qualified to do this and are happy to offer advice about how to ensure safety and minimise risk.

We’re excited about the year ahead with so many varied events being back on. Please get in touch if you want to find out how our members can help with drone event recording.


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