The Weather showed what summer has in store for 2022

The unexpected ‘heatwave’ in March gave us a taste of hopefully what’s to come in the Summer. Unfortunately, it was followed only days later by snow across many parts of the country! Those few days of great weather did at least give drone pilots opportunities to get out flying - and a lot of it was paid work and not just fun. We saw a major increase in our private network of people going outside and enjoying their drones and taking stock images and uploading them to drone safe register stock.

Drone Safe Register March Newsletter

CAA 2021 Drone Photography Competitions

This Month one of our proud members, Andy Betts (Esprit Drone Services) took the top prize “Urban Day” at the CAA 2021 Drone Photography Competition. Mark and Tom Boyt from Drone Safe Register also attended this awards evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to the CAA and Royal Aeronautical Society for hosting such a good event.

Increase in Event bookings

As we finally head out of winter we have seen a major increase in pilots being booked for future events that are being hosted in the coming months of 2022. We sense a general optimism in 2022 and people are keen to get out to all kinds of events from festivals to park runs. These are all potential work for drone operators to capture the full atmosphere from the air. Some of these events will want a fully edited showreel for future marketing so if you have the right experience and equipment look out for these opportunities.

Drone Safe Register March Newsletter

Weddings being booked for summer

We had seen a massive increase in wedding enquiries on the instant quotes platform, whether that be actual booking or just queries about Drone for Wedding prices. There are still opportunities for weddings that were postponed in the pandemic - particularly in parts of the UK where the rules were tighter around gatherings. Easing of the Covid rules means people can now have the wedding they wanted and not worry about restricting guest numbers or fear further lockdowns. Some operators avoid weddings but they aren’t actually that difficult if you’re only providing aerial shots and video. The latter is generally edited into the main wedding video shot from the ground.

If you aren’t a part of Drone Safe Register, you’re missing out on this big wedding drone filming opportunity that will take place this summer.

Increase in Instant Quotes

In March we have seen a big increase of 22% in instant quotes meaning professional members (Gold and Advanced) are visibly getting more out of their membership. Drone Safe Register isn’t all about Instant quotes as it only shows jobs found through the instant quote system and not jobs found through google. However, it’s great to see these numbers picking up on the back of our ongoing marketing efforts on behalf of members.

How do you book your instant quote?

To book an instant quote for a registered drone operator you would need to go on our home page and then click on our “Receive Free Instant Drone Quotes Here” and enter your postcode, Once you have done this you can then draw a box around where you’d want the drone operator to go and then the 4 closest operators will get in touch with you.

Private Operator Group activity March

If you’re a member of Drone Safe and not part of the private members group you’re missing out on a lot of potential work! Here are some numbers from March -

230 Posts in the group 

One person offered over 80 jobs to the group 

Multiple large projects 

Many of our members aren't in the private group. If you aren't go to your members dashboard and click "Closed Members Group" or simply click HERE

There are offers of work posted every day and it’s great to see how this community is so supportive. Massive value comes from the private group, whether that be for getting jobs or just networking with others.

If DSR interests you give us a call at 01243882440 or email [email protected]


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