Boy Or Girl?! Using Drones for Gender Reveal

Gender reveal parties and events are a very new thing, and it may not surprise you to know they started in the USA! A bit like proms, it’s another thing we’ve adopted in the UK and they are becoming part of our culture. Couples and Mums-to-be are finding increasingly creative ways to announce the gender of their coming bundle of joy to friends and family.

So what’s the actual origin of the great gender reveal? Over a decade ago a Los Angeles blogger cut into her baby shower cake to reveal pink frosting. Her blog post and photos of the party went viral on social media and the rest, as they say, is history. The simple act of cutting into a cake or bursting a balloon isn’t enough for some people of course. Some of the more extravagant gender reveal events have included lighting up the tallest skyscraper in Dubai and blowing up coloured explosives! Nearly 50,000 acres of Arizona forest were destroyed as the result of one elaborate reveal.

If you’re looking for an affordable, low-risk and completely unique way to announce the sex of your baby, a drone gender reveal could be the answer! In the age of smartphones, every stage of a pregnancy up to the birth is usually photographed and recorded on video. Using drones for gender reveal allows you to get a unique angle and something you can really impress family and friends with.

The simplest way to use drones for gender reveal is to take advantage of the unique aerial views you can capture images and video from. For example, firing confetti into the air or releasing balloons to reveal the gender of your baby can look stunning when shot from above. An experienced drone operator will be able to advise you on the best way to capture this and ensure complete safety for everyone involved. Aerial footage can be edited with video captured on the ground to give you a unique way to remember the day forever.

If you want to do something really different, there are other creative ways you can use drones for gender reveals. You’ll need to find a drone pilot with the right equipment and expertise for these more elaborate flights, and that’s where Drone Safe Register can help. Our database lists over five hundred CAA approved drone operators across the UK and you can make enquiries with and obtain quotes here. Ideas for these impressive ways to showcase the arrival of your baby include –

Using a drone to release a bag of coloured powder into the air to reveal whether it’s a baby boy or girl. Imagine the faces of your friends as a pink or blue dust cloud explodes in the air!

Delivering pink or blue baby booties or a teddy wearing a pink or blue bow. There are regulations to control the delivery of items by drone, but the experts at Drone Safe Register can advise on this.

Having a drone fitted with pink or blue flashing lights and appearing in the sky at a baby shower. This is one of the easiest ways to use drones for gender reveal but it can be really effective, particularly at night. You can keep the whole thing a surprise and suddenly point to the sky as the drone appears!

It’s great that drone technology can now feature in events like gender reveal parties and Drone Safe Register’s community of safe, creative pilots are happy to quote for this type of work.

Boy Or Girl?! Using Drones for Gender Reveal


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