Edinburgh Drone Company Repair Partnership

Who are Edinburgh Drone Company?

Edinburgh Drone Company are a new startup drone based company that offers a whole bunch of Drone services. Edinburgh Drone Company was Incorporated in 2018 by Ross Laing, who is a Drone Safe Register member, and he wanted to grow his involvement in the drone industry.

Why have we partnered with Edinburgh Drone Company?

At Drone Safe Register we only partner with the best companies so that our members get the best benefits from their membership. Edinburgh Drone Company is one of the best Drone repair companies in the UK and they are only looking at getting better.

What is this bringing to our members?

All of our membership tiers (Gold Certified, Advanced and Hobbyist) will have access to 10% off all drone repairs from Edingburgh Drone Company by quoting your DSR membership number.

What’s the average cost of a drone repair? 

The average cost of a drone repair can vary from about £100 to £150 so every time you may need a repair on your drone you would be saving about £15. Edinburgh Drone Company have said that the most common drone repair is on the arm + motor which would typically cost £125. Some repairs may be more expensive... for example, if you break the gimbal on your drone it could cost up to £300 and being a member saves you £30.

If you are a Professional Drone Pilot this may be especially useful as your drones are used more than the average drone user and it is essential that your drones are maintained and working as they should.

What’s the average time of a Drone Repair?

The average repair time from Edinburgh Drone Company is one week. This means that you have will have your drone back in no time with it all repaired.

What drones do Edinburgh Drone Company Repair and Service?

If you go to your member's dashboard and message Edingburgh Drone Company you will get 10% off or alternatively, you can quote your membership to EDC and you’ll get 10% off.


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